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Office Manager

For the past 10 years, chiropractic has made a powerful impact on my life. I have been seeing a chiropractor to help with chronic back and neck pain, along with fatigue, nervousness and food sensitivity. I used to have a very weakened immune system and came down with illness after illness. It has now been years since I’ve come down with even a cold or the flu. I quickly came to the realization that my mind and body were functioning at its best while attending regular chiropractic care..

I started seeing Dr. Dody a few months after moving to Littleton with my husband Michael. It had been close to a year since my last chiropractic appointment and began to notice that my body was unable to process stress. The anxiety I felt everyday going into work became unbearable. I was extremely excited to try out the KST style of chiropractic because I felt the pain relief of manual adjustments only lasted for a few days.

In September of 2020, I started my training as a chiropractic assistant and realized the environment supported my ability to connect and build relationships with others. While I still have much to learn about chiropractic, I do understand that our nervous system controls every function in the body and that it is vital to keep that system running efficiently in order to be happy and healthy!


Nutritional Consultant

I have been into health and wellness for as long as I can remember. After moving to Denver, I got a job at a natural wellness magazine. This is what started my path into the holistic aspect of health and wellness. Now, I seek out natural ways of doing things and clean eating for my family. The more I learn, the more I love it! Everyday I am in awe at how amazing the human body truly is! If we give the body the proper tools and building blocks, the body can not only heal, but really flourish.

Chiropractic, nutrition, and neurofeedback have made such a difference in my life and are such a big part of it. I want to help others see positive changes in their lives too!

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