Functional Nutrition: a natural remedy for arthritis pain

Functional Nutrition: A Natural Remedy for Arthritis Pain

Harness The Power Of Nature And Help Alleviate Arthritis Pain

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The Secret To Having Healthy Joints

How many times have you walked around doctors’ offices, only to be told that you need to take these pills or do these specific exercises? Or have you felt immense pain, swelling, and almost lost your mobility? We know how tiresome understanding arthritis pain treatment can be. This is why we are here to help. Treating arthritis pain does not have to include medication and painkillers. With Functional Nutrition, you can eliminate arthritis symptoms without the use of any drugs – only with natural ingredients.

Why Functional Nutrition Works

Functional Nutrition is more than healing through natural medication. It implements an all-natural approach to directly target the symptoms of arthritis and lead to long-term pain relief. Through specialized blood analysis results, we create a personalized program of vitamins, herbs, and natural nutrition to improve the state of your immune system and bring balance to your body. Such treatment can significantly help decrease and, in some cases, even eliminate arthritis symptoms.

What Our Patients Say

“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis. The pain was debilitating. My ability to live my life as I had been living was gone. My husband told me I should see Dr. Dody. He has helped me in several ways. He has given me guidance with diet and supplements to help eliminate my arthritis pain. Dr. Dody has given me so much valuable information to help me get better. He helps with getting rid of stress. The “road” to recovery has not been completely easy, but the result is great. 

The majority of the time, I am pain-free, and best of all, I am not taking any medications to cover up the symptoms! 

Dr. Dody takes care of the source, not the symptoms, and I would recommend anyone to visit him and see for yourself.” -Marj D.

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The program’s success comes from the incorporation of anti-inflammatory foods and dietary supplements into the eating regime. With just small incremental changes in the diet, we can significantly decrease pain and swelling. The secret behind these dietary changes hides in the numerous tests we perform – this way, we ensure that the nutritional supplements we implement fit our patient’s specific needs and bodies.

Clinical Evidence Of Functional Nutrition’s Success

Our #1 priority is the well-being and health of our clients. This is why all of the practices we implement have been clinically tested and proven to be successful, healthy, and good for the body. Extensive research has been done in the field of nutrition and arthritis pain relief, so we make sure to follow the latest trends in the medical world while always ensuring that our clients are healthy and well.

Some of our favorite studies that support the use of Functional Nutrition are from the years 2012 and 2019. The first one discusses how incremental changes in the diet of the patients can lead to long-term pain relief and can even eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

The second study shows the link between dietary changes and RA symptoms. It was proven that patients adhering to a plant-based diet experienced a reduction in arthritic symptoms and also enjoyed improved digestion due to enhanced gut bacteria composition.

For further information on both studies, you can follow the links below.

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