Can the Body Heal Itself?

Can the Body Heal Itself?

finger healing I would like you to think about one very simple characteristic of a healthy body. What would happen if you cut your finger? How would it look a month from now? Would the cut still be there? Or will it have healed up with mostly no sign of it ever being there? The body is a self-healing organism; it has the ability to heal itself without drugs and surgery. Think about the cut we just talked about, the body can heal the cut without band-aides or antibiotics. Your body has within it an inborn (innate) ability to heal itself; in fact all living things have the ability to heal themselves naturally.

How Does Your Body Heal?

Let’s dive in a little deeper into the biology of how the body heals itself from injury. Let’s talk about that cut on your finger. Here is what happens:

Phase One: Lasts a few minutes to 2 days

  • The blood from the cut will start to clot within a minute or two to stop the bleeding.
  • Once the blood clot dries, it will begin to form a scab to protect the tissues underneath the cut from various germs.

Phase Two: Lasts 2 to 5 days

  • After the scab forms, this is when the real healing takes place.
  • You will notice inflammation at the cut site, which means it will turn red or pink, get swollen and you will feel pain when it is touched.
  • As a part of this healing process, you may notice clear fluid coming from the wound. This is your lymphatic system removing the waste from healing.
  • The body also causes blood vessels in the area to vasodilate or open up to help bring essential repair products to the area, specifically oxygen and nutrients.
  • The immune system ramps up and helps fight infection with white blood cells.

Phase Three: Lasts 1 to 3 weeks

  • This is the main repair and regrowth of new tissues and blood vessels in the damaged area.
  • The new tissue repair is initiated by collagen fibers being laid down by red blood cells. This fibrous matrix is the base for the new tissue.
  • Granulation tissue is formed as this matrix is filled in.
  • New skin cells start to overlay the granulation tissue.

Phase Four: Beyond 3 weeks

  • Oftentimes you may notice slight irritation and itching as the healing continues.
  • The original scab will fall off leaving the area looking pink or red and shiny.
  • The strength of the wound is enhanced.
  • This is where scar tissue may form. Deeper wounds can cause more scar tissue. However, over a longer period of time those scars may fade or disappear completely.

If Your Body Can Heal Itself, Why Does It Not Always Do So?

If your body has the ability to heal itself, why doesn’t it often? The answer; sometimes we don’t give our body enough time to heal on its own or the actual cause of the problem is still present, interfering with the healing process. Most patients who develop health challenges search for a pill or a potion to relieve their discomfort instead of locating the cause of the problem and removing the cause. By removing the actual cause, it allows our body an opportunity to heal naturally.

An Example…

Suppose you got a small wood splinter in your finger and didn’t take it out? How would it look in a few days or in a month? If the splinter was left in, the body would take action to eliminate the intruder, causing pain and interference to the natural healing process, bringing about the need for an antibiotic or natural antibiotic to relieve the symptoms…but… If you took the splinter out (removing the cause of the problem) the body would then heal itself naturally. What would make more sense to you. . . remove the splinter and let your body heal it or leave it in and treat it with an antibiotic? Infections are not a lack of antibiotics in our blood steam; they are caused by a suppressed immune system.

immune systemWhy is Your Immune System Suppressed?

There could be many reasons your immune system might be suppressed. A few of them to consider are:
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress
  • Nerve Interference
If the body is a self-healing organism, why take medicine? Wouldn’t it make sense to find out why the body isn’t healing itself like it should and then remove the interference or problem? That is exactly what we are doing for you here at our clinic ~ removing the interference, so that your amazing body can heal itself!

If you would like to heal, please give us a call at 303-794-1737 or request an appointment online.

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