Neurofeedback Training at Home: What You Need to Know

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Neurofeedback Training at Home (1980 × 800 px)Have you ever looked for ways to improve conditions like anxiety or ADHD without using pills? Or would you like a way to enhance your focus and improve concentration?

If so, neurofeedback training could be the perfect treatment solution! This training works with your brain’s electricity to measure your brain waves in real time. Then, it provides a feedback signal through visual readings.

In other words, it translates your brainwaves into quantifiable and measurable data. These days, you can even get neurofeedback equipment at home.

However, neurofeedback training at home requires additional work. If you need help with how to use your neurofeedback device, keep reading! We’ll explore how this training works in this guide. 

How to Start Neurofeedback Training at Home

The first step in neurofeedback training is to find a neurofeedback device you can wear. There are many devices sold for neurofeedback training. For example, you can find a consumer-grade, dry-sensor EEG headband that can provide the necessary information for your training. There are several brands available online.

However, in most cases, the direct-to-consumer devices are limited in the neurofeedback training they can do. They won’t have specific protocols to deal with specific clinical symptoms you may have. These devices can only do more generic protocols.

To get the correct protocol for your specific symptoms, you need to have a qEEG brain map. In many medical facilities, doctors and therapists outfit you with an EEG cap with wires and gel to measure your brain wave activities. 

The brain map information can customize the neurofeedback training for you. This customization will help make the training more effective.

While you can choose between different home training products, there is an option that can give you the best of both. Some clinics that can do the brain map also have home training units for the convenience of training at home.

Find an App to Translate Your Brainwave Data

EEG headbands can help you record your brainwaves. However, you can only convert these waves into readable data with an app. 

Several apps and software solutions can help you translate these waves into data. Search for the program that will help you read this data and make sense of it. 

If you are using home units from a clinic, the training hardware and software are included in the cost of training. Since the protocols are specific to you, the doctor will set the training parameters for you.

Find a Way to Measure Your Progress

Mental fitness has many similarities to physical fitness. Just as people take pictures of themselves before and after a physical fitness regimen, you may do the same in a mental fitness regimen. 

What does this look like with most home neurofeedback training? When you first start, most devices will provide your baseline brainwave measurements. Those measurements will be unique to your body. 

Record this measurement and treat it as your “before” picture. This baseline is a snapshot of your brain’s electrical activity before changing it. Most consumer-grade home training devices will only look at one brain area.

The big difference with clinical-based home training is the brain map shows brainwave activity across the entire brain. This way, you see how your brain is operating as a whole.

You can improve your baseline measurements as you proceed with your training at home. As this occurs, you’ll improve your sense of focus and calm. 

The Benefits of Neurofeedback Training

As you can see, it’s easy enough to master neurofeedback training at home. However, you may wonder if it’s worthwhile. If so, check out some of the benefits of this training:

You can find these benefits when you begin your neurofeedback training. So, start your regimen today!

Start Your Neurofeedback Training Today

As you can see, you can practice neurofeedback training from the comfort of your home. However, you may wonder how to get started.

If so, check out our services! We offer home neurofeedback training at our facilities. Schedule a free consultation with our expert clinicians. So, start your training today! 

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