Neurofeedback Home Training Units


Unlock Your Brain's Potential at Home: In-Office Neurofeedback Anywhere!

We are excited to offer our patients the ability to receive in-office quality neurofeedback training at home, utilizing advanced neurofeedback devices! This exciting innovation in neurofeedback therapy means you no longer have to visit the clinic to benefit from this powerful tool.

NewMind Technologies has meticulously crafted these home neurofeedback devices, ensuring they adhere to the same rigorous standards and EEG-driven training protocols used in our clinic. By incorporating neurofeedback therapy into your home routine, you can optimize your training and seamlessly integrate sessions into your daily life. This accessibility promotes brain health, enhances mental wellness, and fosters better cognitive function in the long term.

Whether you’re striving for heightened cognitive performance or improved focus, home neurofeedback training empowers you to advance at your own speed. The state-of-the-art technology measures brain waves, providing real-time feedback on your brain’s electrical activity to customize sessions to your specific needs. By regularly utilizing these neurofeedback tools, you can fine-tune brain functions and enhance brainwave patterns without stepping outside your home.

The convenience of at-home neurofeedback therapy means that you can access this effective brain training method regardless of location. With the help of our compact neurofeedback equipment, you can take charge of your brain’s health and harness the full potential of neurofeedback brain training right in your living room!

Say Goodbye to Commuting!

The cost of home neurofeedback training is comparable to our in-office treatment, allowing you to experience the benefits of professional neurofeedback devices without the hassle of driving to the clinic. Each session with your home neurofeedback device is recorded and uploaded to our secure cloud-based system, enabling the doctor to monitor your progress and provide personalized guidance. We’ll schedule a convenient phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your progress, answer your questions, and offer recommendations for optimizing your training sessions.

How to Start Your Home Neurofeedback Training:

Step One: Visit us for an initial in-office brain map and detailed report. This important step helps us tailor the neurofeedback sessions to your specific brain wave patterns.

Step Two: You’ll receive a compact, easy-to-use neurofeedback system along with an app to install on your home computer.

Step Three: We’ll guide you through the setup and use of your new equipment to ensure you get the most out of every neurofeedback session.

Optimizing Your Home Neurofeedback Setup:

  • Create a Calm Environment: Choose a quiet, softly lit room where you feel relaxed and comfortable. This setting helps facilitate focus and calmness during your sessions.
  • Minimize Electronic Interference: Turn off all electronics, especially mobile phones, other than your computer to reduce any interference with the brainwave measurements.
  • Prepare Your Body: Avoid caffeinated beverages at least two hours before your session to ensure your brain activity is natural and unstimulated.
  • Stay Clear-Headed: Refrain from consuming alcohol or using recreational drugs as these can significantly hinder your neurofeedback progress.
  • Check Your Equipment: Ensure your computer is capable of running the neurofeedback training program efficiently. Ideal specs include a reliable operating system and sufficient processing power to handle the software smoothly.

Optimal Computer Specifications for Home Neurofeedback:

  • CPU: Ensure your processor is Quad-core or better for smooth operation.
  • Operating System: Your computer should run on Windows 10 to support the neurofeedback software.
  • Memory (RAM): Aim for 8 GB or more to facilitate efficient data processing.
  • Graphics Card: A dedicated 2 GB graphics card is preferred, although a built-in graphics card is sufficient if a dedicated one is unavailable.

These specifications will help ensure your neurofeedback sessions run seamlessly on your home computer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Neurofeedback Training

Q: What is neurofeedback training?

A: Neurofeedback training is a non-invasive method that helps train your brain to function more efficiently. It utilizes EEG technology to monitor brain waves and provides real-time feedback to promote positive changes in brain activity.

Q: How does home neurofeedback training work?

A: Home neurofeedback training involves using a compact device and an app on your computer. You’ll perform sessions at home, during which your brain waves are monitored and you receive feedback that helps guide your brain towards more desirable patterns.

Q: Is home neurofeedback training as effective as in-office sessions?

A: Absolutely! Our home neurofeedback devices use the same protocols as our in-office equipment. The training is designed to offer you the same quality and effectiveness, ensuring you receive professional-grade therapy conveniently at home.

Q: What are the benefits of neurofeedback training?

A: Neurofeedback training can improve cognitive function, enhance focus, reduce anxiety, and promote overall mental wellness. It’s beneficial for managing stress, improving sleep, and boosting brain health.

Q: Who can benefit from home neurofeedback training?

A: Everyone from busy professionals to students and elderly individuals can benefit. It’s especially helpful for those looking to enhance mental performance, manage symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and other neurological conditions.

Q: What do I need to get started with home neurofeedback training?

A: You’ll need a computer that meets our specifications, a quiet space to conduct training, and one of our specially designed neurofeedback devices. We provide everything else, including comprehensive training on how to use the equipment.

Q: How can I schedule a free evaluation?

A: You can schedule your free evaluation by contacting us through our website or by calling our office directly. We’re here to answer any questions and help you get started on your path to improved brain function.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind with Home Neurofeedback Training!

Experience the transformative benefits of neurofeedback from the comfort of your own home. Our advanced neurofeedback devices are designed to enhance cognitive function, improve mental wellness, and optimize brain health. With flexible scheduling and no need for commuting, you can integrate brain training into your daily routine seamlessly, promoting better focus, reduced stress, and overall improved mental states.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to achieve peak performance and enhanced cognitive abilities. Schedule your free evaluation today and discover how our tailored neurofeedback programs can benefit you. Take the first step towards a healthier, more focused, and resilient mind. Call us now or visit our website to book your no-obligation consultation and begin your journey to cognitive enhancement and mental well-being!