Neurofeedback Therapy ADHD: Can It Really Help?

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Neurofeedback Therapy ADHD Can It Really HelpAre you struggling with ADHD? An estimated three percent of adults around the world live with ADHD.

But, there are treatments you can use to make your everyday life a little easier. Read on to find out all about neurofeedback therapy for ADHD, the benefits, and how it can help you.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

abigail doing neurofeedback trainingNeurofeedback therapy has been around for more than thirty years, so it’s a tried and true form of therapy for many different conditions. Neurofeedback therapy is a type of treatment where an EEG monitors a patient’s brainwaves while you do an activity.

Sensors will be attached to your head so that the machine can gauge your brainwaves. Before you start, your practitioner will ask you what your concerns are, how you’re looking to change your behavior and how you feel your brain works.

You’ll answer some baseline questions so that the practitioner can get an idea of where you’re starting from. Then, a brain map will be performed to see how your brainwaves are working. After the brain map, the practitioner will report what is going on with your brain, can neurofeedback help reduce symptoms, and how long it will take to improve. Next, it’s time to begin treatment. You will be hooked up to the EEG and watch a show on a screen. Over time, your brain will learn and create new and healthier neuropathways.

Neurofeedback therapy is used to treat a wide variety of different conditions, not just ADHD. These include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, other behavioral disorders, and so many others.

How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Help With ADHD?

Neurofeedback therapy can help increase your brain’s ability to focus, which is super helpful for people with ADHD. This will help you be better able to stay on task, which can help adults in the workplace and kids in school.

If you’re struggling with impulse control, neurofeedback therapy training can help you overcome the problems, so you stop making poor decisions, like substance abuse or overeating. 

Neurofeedback therapy is especially beneficial for children since their brains are still making pathways and developing. However, adults see excellent results as well!

Neurofeedback therapy does take some time to show lasting results, sometimes over thirty sessions. However, many people start noticing changes sooner than this. In addition, the lack of side effects can make it an excellent option for people who struggle with ADHD.

And, it makes for a wonderful complement to other forms of treatment. If you want to reduce your reliance on ADHD medications and not worry about significant/upsetting side effects, you should definitely consider trying neurofeedback therapy for ADHD.

Neurofeedback Therapy ADHD: Get Started

As you now know, neurofeedback therapy for ADHD can be highly beneficial. If you think it may be helpful for you or someone in your family, it might be a good idea to look into different options in your area.

Want to get started? Check out some of the services that Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness offers today.

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