How To Prevent Falls in Littleton CO

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HOW TO PREVENT FALLSOne of the scariest events that can happen to older adults is falling. As a chiropractor, I see people coming into my Littleton, CO chiropractic office after suffering injuries from falling. Knowing how to prevent falls as you age can save your life. Keep reading for some simple ways to keep yourself upright and healthy.

Did you know that more than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling? Hip fractures significantly increase your chance of death. Statistics show that 1 in 3 adults over the age of fifty dies within twelve months of a hip fracture. 

This mortality rate is a scary statistic, especially when we know that nearly 30% of adults over the age of sixty-five fall every year. What can you do to keep yourself from falling as you age? 

How to Prevent Falls InfographicSix Ways to Prevent Falls

Physically Active- 

We know that motion is life. Regular exercise is critical in keeping yourself healthy and balanced. Strong muscles keep you upright. Strength training keeps tendons, ligaments, and joints pliable. 

Have Your Eyes and Hearing Tested-

Your sight and hearing play a significant role in balance and coordination. Ensuring that you are up to date on your eye and hearing exams will help these senses work optimally. Even small changes in eyesight or hearing may lead to falls. 

Stand Up Slowly-

When you stand up too fast, it can cause reduced blood to your brain, causing you to feel light-headed. This feeling is due to a drop in blood pressure when standing quickly. Make sure to get your blood pressure checked, both standing and lying down.

Wear Shoes That Support Your Feet-

You want to wear shoes that have a good solid base and support around your foot. Your shoe’s soles can not be too thick or thin. Your shoes should give your feet support. Also, be very careful with slippers or other slip-on shoes with smooth soles; these types of shoes can be fall hazards. One more quick note, socks on stairs or hardwood floors are also hazardous.

Keep Your Bones Strong-

Making sure you have the building blocks to repair and grow strong bones is critical. You need to get enough calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong and healthy. Other ways that may decrease bone density is smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Limit the use of these substances will reduce the chance of bone loss and fractures.

Keep Your Spine Aligned-

Chiropractic care can not only help keep proper motion in your spine, but it will also keep your nervous system connected. Your nervous system controls your balance. Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustment help optimize your nerve system function. Keep your spine aligned, and you will feel fine, and it will keep you from falling.

Conclusion on how to prevent falls-

Falling can be deadly, especially as you get older. To prevent falls, exercise to stay strong, keep your eyes and ears healthy, don’t stand up too quickly, wear supportive footwear, eat well for bone density, and get adjusted. All of these ideas will help you stay upright and well.

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