Chiropractic Care for Asthma

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chiropractic care for asthmaAsthma is a widespread condition, affecting up to 25 million people in the US alone. It is a lifelong condition that can severely impact the quality of life of those who suffer from it. 

While asthma is a serious condition, there are many treatment options available. Most people with asthma are able to control the condition and reduce the likelihood of asthma attacks.

Many sufferers are unaware of the efficacy of chiropractic therapies for treating asthma. Seeing a chiropractor can significantly improve asthma symptoms and the quality of life for people who suffer from these symptoms. Read on to find out more about this holistic treatment option. 

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a disease that causes swelling and inflammation of the airways. This leads these airways to become narrower, restricting the airflow from the nose and mouth to the lungs. 

Symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and pain or tightness in the chest. It can be deadly. The WHO states that up to 455,000 deaths may have occurred due to asthma across the world in 2019 alone. 

Allergens, including pets or dust particles, trigger some people. Other sufferers find their symptoms can be worse after exercise or even after eating certain foods. 

There is currently no known cure for asthma. Many treatments are available, including chiropractic therapies, which can improve the quality of life for people living with asthma. 

What Is a Chiropractor?

People often think of chiropractic treatment as being solely for back pain. But chiropractors offer holistic treatments for the whole body. Chiropractic care focuses on improving health and wellness and, therefore, can often help with the route causes of conditions like asthma. 

The central nervous system is affected by the misalignment of the spine. This misalignment and lack of movement in the spine can cause interference with the neural transmission of the spinal cord. Interference of nerve transmission means that the body cannot function optimally, which can lead to health issues such as asthma and other respiratory conditions. 

Chiropractic Therapies for Asthma

rib cage and spineIt is important to realize that chiropractic treatment will not cure asthma entirely. Still, it can positively impact symptoms and quality of life. By realigning the spine and the nerves within the spinal system, every function of the body can be improved. 

Directly relating to asthma, chiropractic manipulation can help to remove any obstructions affecting the nerve conduction to the lungs and the airway. This allows the lungs to function more effectively and thus relieves asthma symptoms. 

Any musculoskeletal alignment issues affecting the spine and ribcage can also impact breathing. Correcting these can help the body’s respiratory function to operate more effectively. 

There have been multiple case studies showing the effectiveness of chiropractic care for asthma. If you would like to read some of this research, check out this website-

Chiropractic Tips for Asthma 

Perhaps you have found that traditional medical remedies for your asthma have not helped to manage your symptoms. Or maybe you would like to try a more natural and holistic approach.

In that case, chiropractic therapies could be exactly what you need. This gentle, whole-body approach can really help the body’s overall function and improve the quality of life. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts to find out how we can help you breathe with more ease today.

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