3 Sure Signs You Should Absolutely Visit a Chiropractor

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3 Sure Signs You Should Absolutely Visit a ChiropractorDo you wake up with aches, pains, or stiffness in the morning? Are you less inclined to engage in certain activities because of the way your body feels or the limitations it possesses? Do you find yourself saying, “I guess this is just something that I have to live with”

If so, the question to ask yourself is: “Could visiting a chiropractor help me”? 

Going to a chiropractor can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never been, so how do you know if it’s the right healing modality for you and your body? 

Below are three signs that you could benefit from visiting a chiropractor. 

1. You’re Pushing Past the Pain

Pain is how the body alerts you to an injury, whether superficial or severe. It’s a warning that something isn’t quite right in the body. All too often, we are accustomed to ignoring these signals, dismissing the nagging discomfort. However, untreated pain can trigger the body’s fight or flight response, putting unnecessary stress on the nervous system.  

Pain can occur in different locations and can generally be described as either acute or chronic. Acute pain comes on and goes away suddenly with no apparent cause, while chronic pain can last longer than six months. 

Take a moment and think about the location of your pain. Pain in the lower back or neck can indicate spinal subluxations – misaligned vertebrae that cause disturbances in your nervous system – which can be improved with the help of a chiropractor.

If you’re experiencing physical pain or discomfort, consider the possibility of relief, and don’t delay in contacting our Littleton clinic to schedule an appointment. 

2. You Have Regular Headaches

Another sign that you could benefit from visiting a chiropractor is if you suffer from frequent or chronic head pain. Headaches and migraines can be caused by many things, including stress, dehydration, or sleep deprivation. However, if you find yourself reaching for over-the-counter pain medications for frequent headache relief, it’s time to seek more effective treatment.

In many cases, headaches come from prolonged tension in the neck and upper back muscles. This pain can also stem from misalignment in the spine, which puts additional pressure on the neck and head. 

Chiropractic adjustments can significantly assist in reducing the frequency and severity of your headaches and have even been proven to eradicate them over time. 

3. Your Flexibility and Mobility Are Limited

Another key indicator that you should visit a chiropractor is if you have limited mobility and flexibility. Do you find it hard to bend over, sit on the floor with your children or grandchildren, or exercise without discomfort? If so, then chiropractic care can help. 

Your body’s movement is centralized around the fluidity of your spine. When the spine is in poor alignment, your muscles and joints are not able to properly do their job.

Practices like daily stretching or yoga can help to improve flexibility and mobility, but they may not be enough to address the deeper spinal issues. Your muscles will work overtime to keep the body out of pain, even if that means keeping your body out of proper alignment. A visit to the chiropractor can help realign the vertebrae, allowing the muscles to relax their grip and you to move with more ease. 

Stretching and chiropractic care complement each other beautifully. When you combine these two practices, you will begin to see wonderful improvements in your body’s range of motion. 

Don’t Wait to Visit a Chiropractor

Going to a chiropractor can be a life-changing experience. Not only can regular visits help reduce physical pain (chronic and acute), but you will experience more mobility, flexibility, and better overall health. 

Why wait? Contact our Littleton clinic today to schedule your first appointment.

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