Advanced Chiropractic Technology – Thermal Scan

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Advanced Chiropractic Technology - Thermal Scan

What Is A Thermal Scan?

The patented Insight Thermal Scanner assesses the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls your organs, glands, and blood vessels. The vitally important ANS regulates such functions as:

  • digestion
  • hormone balance
  • immune system performance
  • blood pressure
  • and body temperature.

How Does The Thermal Scan Work?

How it assesses the ANS function is through thermography. Thermographic scans show differences in temperature patterns in the spine. The severity of the differences in patterns shows up as color on your scan. It will allow you to see if your issues are mild, moderate, or severe. The more issues your body has dealing with stress the more color you will see on your scan. See below for an example.

What are we looking for with your scans?

In one word- adaptability. Can your body adapt to the daily stresses you face? The scan is looking at how your nervous system is handing and adapting to stress.

Since the proper function of your organs, glands, and blood vessels is essential for optimal health and living well. This test gives your chiropractor a “snapshot” of how this portion of your nervous system works and how it is responding to care.

Here is the cool thing. A patented, breakthrough aspect of the Insight’s thermal scanner design is that the sensor array can be adjusted to accommodate the three different sized spines- adult, adolescent, and infant. Results are more accurate than ever before, no matter what size the person is getting scanned.

What Does a Scan Look Like?

As we talked about above, the scan shows how your body is adapting to stress. The colors that you see on the scans below indicate an abnormal thermal pattern. This state-of-the-art test can detect if stress in your life is adversely affecting your nervous system.

thermal scan before and after


How Can I Find Out How I Am Doing?

If you would like to find out if you are handling your daily stress optimally, please click the schedule an appointment button below. To schedule a no-cost consultation, please leave your name and contact information. One of our friendly staff members will get back to you within 24 hours.

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