5 Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO

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5 reasons to visit a chiropractor bannerWhat Reasons Do People Visit A Chiropractor in Littleton, CO?

5 Easy Steps to Find a Chiropractor in Littleton(2)Here are 5 reasons why people visit a Chiropractor in Littleton, CO. Most people believe that the only reason you need to visit a Chiropractor is because of back pain or neck pain. While Chiropractic does a great job helping people relieve those painful symptoms, it can do so much more.

Spinal health is imperative to your overall health. The way we explain this to our new patients is the brain and spinal cord control and coordinate all the functions of the body. The spinal cord is like a river for your electrical nerve impulses.

When there is interference with this flow it is like a dimmer switch, dimming the impulse from that nerve to wherever it goes to. When an organ or tissue does not receive full nervous system input, it begins to weaken and degenerate over time.

This weakening of the organs and tissues leads to dis-ease and possibly crisis care with drugs or surgery. The numerous benefits of Chiropractic Care can help improve the overall quality of life and increase health, all without the use of drugs or surgery. So without any further delay, here are 5 reasons to visit a chiropractor in Littleton, CO.

Reason #1 To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO – Stress Relief

Reason #1 Stress ReliefMany people in Littleton, CO deal with stress. As a Chiropractor I  help you deal with stress in a much healthier way. When the spine is not properly aligned, the entire body can feel the effect. This can cause mental & physical stress over the entire body.

The shifting of the segments of the spine that cause misalignment is called a Subluxation. A subluxation causes interference in the nerve impulse. Like we stated above this interference ultimately leads to disease.

Specific, gentle adjustments help restore nerve flow and balance the body. A balanced body leads to less tension & stress, and a well-adjusted body allows a person to manage stress better.

Reason #2 To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO – Improve Poor Posture

Reason #2 Poor PostureWhen you walk around Littleton, CO you will see people with poor posture on a daily basis. A spine that has been misaligned for a long period of time will start to degenerate. You can see this degeneration in poor posture. More and more patients are presenting poor posture. 

We know that your posture is the indicator of your spinal health. Poor posture will cause your spine to break down and cause stress to your spinal cord. This causes the dimmer switches that reduce nerve impulses to your body.

The curvature of the neck is particularly delicate and can develop issues due to computer overuse and constant texting. Chiropractic treatments over time can help realign the neck and spine, improving posture and relieving pain. 

Reason #3 To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO – Elevate Your Mood

Reason #3 Mood ElevationIt makes sense that when a person is in pain, their mood is often affected by their pain level. This is a vicious circle, when you become more depressed and negative, your pain level can increase even more.

Harvard Medical School states that research shows chiropractic is beneficial for treating pain, specifically low back pain. In fact, the American College of Physicians recommends chiropractic care in their low back pain guidelines.

A 2011 research study showed that Chiropractic adjustments lowered stress levels. Balancing the body’s nervous system balances chemicals in the body and issues such as depression & ADHD improve with regular chiropractic care.

This is an important reason to visit a Chiropractor in Littleton, CO.

Reason #4 To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO– Boost Your Immune System

Reason #4 Immune System Many people in Littleton, CO are concerned with immune system function. Research shows chiropractors can help immune system function with a gentle, specific chiropractic adjustment. When the nervous system is not working properly, different parts of the body are not receiving vital signals necessary to function, and the immune system also suffers. If the nervous system can’t find the germs, the body can’t fight the germs.

A 2010 research study showed that chiropractic adjustments increase an immune system signaling molecule. What the researcher found is that people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments had higher levels of white blood cells compared to those who did not get adjusted. This means recovering from illness is quicker when the nervous system is connected through Chiropractic care.

Reason #5 To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO – Sleep Better

Reason #5 Sleep IssuesIn our Littleton, CO chiropractic clinic we get reports from patients who explain that their sleep is much better after getting a specific gentle adjustment. Experts say that not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest factors in a person’s overall health and performanceLack of sleep leads to a host of issues such as impaired brain function and serious health problems. It is more and more common that people are not sleeping well due to pain, stress and overall body aches. Proper spinal alignment helps to decrease pain, which leads to improved sleep, and overall increased health & wellness. If you would like to sleep better, visit our Littleton, CO chiropractic clinic.

Summary of 5 Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor In Littleton CO:

As you can see, the 5 reasons to visit a Chiropractor are probably not what you imagined. At our Chiropractic office in Littleton, CO we see people for many reasons. I majority of our patients are seen for reasons other than neck pain or back pain. If you are struggling with any health issues, give Chiropractic care a look and see if helping your nervous system function better will help your overall health today.

If you would like to learn more or have question please contact us here.


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