10 Signs It’s Time to Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

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10 Signs It's Time to Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

When you’re feeling a little bit of stiffness in your spine, you might already have your chiropractor in mind. How do you know when it’s time for a chiropractic adjustment? Just in case you don’t have your chiropractor on speed dial, we’re here to help. Not everyone knows the telltale signs of needing to get readjusted.

If you think it might be time, but you’re unsure, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our key signs to know when to see a chiropractor.

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1. You’ve Been Sedentary

The average American spends a lot of time sitting. Adolescent Americans spend over 8 hours per day seated, while adults spend over 6 and a half. Sitting for long periods isn’t good for the body overall, but it’s notably bad for your posture. 

In fact, a professor at the Mayo Clinic stated that “sitting is the new smoking.” Research has shown that if you sit for a long time, it can cause issues with tight hips and weakness in your legs. Your pelvis is the foundation of your spine.

Bad posture puts unnecessary pressure on the spine and shoulders. Having a bad posture can cause misalignments, swelling, and overall painful conditions.

Seeing a chiropractor can ease some of that tension and help you to prevent more severe problems in the future.

2. You’re Experiencing Unexplained Headaches

Nearly everyone experiences headaches from time to time, but if they’re getting in the way of your day-to-day life, it might be time to see a chiropractor.

Headaches can have different causes, and you may have to rule things out rather than immediately rule something in. Chiropractors can’t help you with all headache causes, but they can ease the ones that stem from the spine. Chiropractic adjustments may seriously help. 

Headaches can be a side-effect of neck and shoulder pain. If this is the case, a chiropractor may be able to help you get realigned to alleviate some of that strain.

3. Stiffness in the Neck or Joints

Most people aren’t very flexible, but we all know our personal range of motion well enough to know when something is out of the ordinary.

If you find that you’re experiencing prolonged stiffness in your joints or spine, it might be time to get a chiropractic adjustment. 

One typical example of this that’s hard to miss is when your neck is unable to move as completely as it used to. Not being able to move your neck often happens after sleeping in an uncomfortable position, but the soreness usually dissipates in a few days. When the pain sticks around, see a chiropractor.

4. Your Shoes Wear Unevenly

How much attention do you pay to the soles of your shoes?

Have you found yourself noticing that one shoe loses bounce and traction before the other?

Uneven wear might be due to the way that you’re aligned (or, rather, misaligned). One side of your body is receiving more pressure than the other. This will cause an uneven weight distribution in your feet

A good chiropractor can get you straightened out in no time. No more mismatched shoes!

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5. New and Sharp Leg Pain

If you’ve experienced a sudden onset of shooting leg pain, you may want to see a chiropractor for help.

Pain that shoots down the back of the legs can often be attributed to a problem in the spine. This pain is likely due to a pinched nerve in your lower back. It is often called sciatica.

Your chiropractor can tell you whether or not that’s the problem that you’re facing and help to fix it if it is. 

6. You’ve Been in an Accident

Car accidents can do a lot of damage that we don’t realize until much later. You may have escaped the accident unscathed, but is your spine as good as it once was?

In our Littleton chiropractic clinic, we discuss how stress causes restrictions in the motion of your spine, which chiropractors call a subluxation. If you experience major physical stress like a car accident, it often causes issues in your spine.

Whether you’re currently experiencing pain or not, it doesn’t hurt to get your spine checked out by your chiropractor. They can tell you if everything looks to be in working order or if you might need some tweaking.

Furthermore, if you were in an accident a long time ago and you’re only now starting to feel the ache, don’t hesitate to see your chiropractor. Pain that shows up later after the accident is typical. 

7. You Have a Chronic Backache

Have you had back pain for years? This is a major sign you need to get that checked.

Seeing a chiropractor for backache might seem obvious, but if you have a backache that won’t quit, a chiropractor might be a huge help. 

Your back doesn’t have to hurt all of the time. A chiropractor might be exactly what you need to get everything back in order. 

8. You Participate in Sports or Physical Activities

Are you a weekend warrior? Or even a more serious athlete?

If you have a relatively active or athletic lifestyle, it won’t hurt to get checked out by a chiropractor every now and then.

It’s great to get fit and take care of your physical health. For the most part, this is going to do your spine a serious favor. There are ways to injure your spine in the process, however.

For example, bad form when running or lifting heavy weights can put unnecessary strain on your back and joints. When considering your long-term health, this can cause some damage.

Avoid that damage by going in for a realignment regularly. 

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9. You’ve Got Muscle and Joint Pain

Now, if you have muscle pain because of your sports or activities, consider giving this one some time. It’s normal to feel a bit of soreness after a heavy workout!

If your pain is more than just common discomfort, consider going in to have your chiropractor look at it. Your joints and muscles might be hurting from a misalignment in your body.

Getting this fixed up can save you a lot of suffering in the future. 

10. You Just Want to Feel Better

Would you like more energy, more range of motion, or even faster recovery? If you want a body that feels as good as possible, getting a regular realignment might be one step on the right path.

You might be surprised at just how much discomfort can be alleviated after a good session with a chiropractor. You can be on the way to a less painful lifestyle from your first session.

Is It Time for a Chiropractic Adjustment?

There are plenty of reasons to get a chiropractic adjustment today, but these are some of the more common ones.

Whether you’re feeling a bit of joint and spine stiffness or noticing that your headaches are becoming more common, a chiropractor might be the help you need.

For more information or to book a chiropractor visit today, visit our site.

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