What are Gentle Chiropractic Techniques?

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What are Gentle chiropractic techniquesAre you wondering what the gentle chiropractic technique is and if it could benefit you? This can be an excellent option for some, especially those that are in need of chiropractic adjustments but have a hard time staying still or dislike any cracking feelings or sounds when it comes to chiropractic care. 

This practice involves a gentle form of chiropractic adjustment that can be used in the place of traditional techniques for those who need it. To learn more about this chiropractic technique, keep reading. This guide will go over the gentle chiropractic technique basics while also reviewing the Koren Specific Technique. Let’s dive in.

Gentle Chiropractic: Koren Specific Technique

The Koren Specific Technique refers to an adjusting chiropractic practice that can provide those looking for gentle care with great, lasting results. This is a gentle but powerful form of spinal care that allows patients to get relief easier with adjustments holding for more extended periods of time. This practice can benefit those of all ages and allows the body to make adjustment corrections naturally. 

This process is usually carried out using a tool called ArthroStim, which is FDA approved. This tool works to introduce force and energy so that the body can remove the pressure on the nerves and realign segments. This tool allows for accurate, low-force, and quick results. 

This technique is an excellent solution for those looking to adjust specific areas of the body without using twisting, cracking, and turning during the adjustment. This specific, gentle style allows those to seek treatment in a variety of postures and positions to make the adjustment as comfortable for people as possible. 

KST: The Benefits 

This unique chiropractic technique can have many benefits for those who use it. Firstly, this technique uses minimal force, making it ideal for those that cannot handle high pressure on the body. This is because low pressure, steady taps are applied to make for a more comforting adjustment experience. 

Many seek this option because it allows for immediate results, helping those return to their regular movements without pain. KST adjustments can be a great treatment option for those with certain impairments or injuries, as you can receive treatment sitting, standing, or laying down. This process is quick and requires little invasive testing, making it an excellent option for those of all ages and needs. 

Additionally, stress cannot only wear on your body, but it can also affect the mind. KST may help to relieve symptoms that come with ADD/ADHD, emotional issues, or allergies. While this technique is gentle, it is very powerful, allowing patients to see great results after their first session.


Is This Gentle Chiropractic Technique for You?

If you’ve been looking for a non-invasive and effective gentle chiropractic technique, the Koren Specific Technique may be the best solution for you. KST is an excellent option for those who have difficulty using traditional chiropractic techniques, as you can get relief fast and without pain. 

Are you ready to seek out this gentle chiropractic treatment option? If so, contact us today to get started. It could be the best thing you do for your health!

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