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We pride ourselves in providing top-quality care to our chiropractic patients in Littleton, Colorado. This includes – among other things – offering the most advanced techniques in the field. This technique is the Koren Specific Technique (KST), which is both highly effective and gentle. But what is KST, and how does it work? We want our patients to be well informed, and so here is a summary of everything you need to know about the Koren Specific Technique.

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What is KST?

Dr. Tedd Koren developed the Koren Specific Technique in 2003. This revolutionary chiropractic method is the result of extensive research and clinical trials, undertaken to find a technique that’s gentle, effective, and provides long-lasting results. KST has since become an international success and is practiced – with excellent results – by chiropractors all over the world.

dr dody adjusting child with KST techniqueKST is a three-step chiropractic method. First, the body’s entire structural system is analyzed: Skull, shoulders, arms, spine, discs, ribs, sternum, hips, legs, and feet. Second, these areas are checked to see if they’re properly aligned and are in the right position. Third, any area that is out of alignment gets adjusted and corrected.

A KST adjustment uses an advanced chiropractic adjusting device called ArthroStim. The ArthroStim is an FDA-approved instrument used for over two decades, during which time it has been continuously refined and perfected. The ArhtroStim helps restore alignment in areas of the spine by gently introducing force/energy in the form of 12 taps per second (12 hertz). It is a form of adjustment that’s highly accurate, very gentle, and does not involve twisting or cracking.

Is KST Effective?

KST is known to be not only gentle but also highly effective. Patients often report seeing significant improvements after the very first session, even in cases of old and stubborn conditions. Some patients require repeated correction/adjustment, but whether results are immediate or over some time, they’re often positive, significant, and long-lasting. KST is so effective that it’s the preferred method of treatment by many chiropractors when they get adjusted.

What Makes KST Unique?

Besides its high success rate, several aspects of KST make it a unique form of chiropractic treatment. First, it’s uncommonly gentle. Some chiropractic techniques involve twisting or turning body parts, cracking joints, and generally applying considerable force to the body. This, understandably, can be quite intimidating for many patients, and in some cases may prevent a patient from seeking treatment. Thankfully, KST is entirely gentle and low-force. As such, it is particularly useful for the very old or the very young, and in fact, some babies have been known to sleep right through their treatment!

schedule appointment todayAnother unique aspect of KST is that it is highly specific. The first two steps of the method work to pinpoint problem areas so that any issues are addressed with perfect accuracy. Then, the ArthroStim targets these areas with pinpoint precision so that the force is applied precisely where your body needs it.

Another thing that makes KST unique is that unlike other chiropractic analysis/treatment techniques, KST can be performed in any position. Adjusting in any position means that you can be lying down, sitting, or even standing up during treatment. Our highly trained doctor performs most adjustments in our Littleton, CO chiropractic clinic, either sitting or standing.

Sitting or standing doesn’t only have the potential to make the treatment more comfortable and stress-free for patients. It’s one of the things that makes KST so effective.

For example, specific issues, like a car injury, might only manifest when the body is in the same position as when the damage occurred. Analyzing and correcting the problem in the appropriate body position promotes your body to heal itself, making treatment faster, more efficient, and longer-lasting.

Finally, KST is entirely natural, non-intrusive, and gentle. It can help even in more difficult conditions, without resorting to any medication or surgery.

What Conditions Can KST Treat?

KST is a versatile treatment method, applicable to a host of chiropractic, neurological, and physiological issues. These conditions include chronic pain, pain caused by pregnancy/childbirth, headaches, neurological problems, personal or work injuries, sciatica, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), and more.

KST testimonial

What is even more surprising, KST can help address mental or emotional stress that causes people issues. Using this method, our doctor can find hidden stress buried deep in your body.

Koren Specific Technique will not only get you healthy; it will keep you healthy for a lifetime. Let KST help you restore your harmony, balance, and ease of life.

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