Go Touch Grass: The Healthy Aspect of Being Outside

Have you been feeling exhausted lately? Have you been suffering from headaches that come and go? Maybe you have high blood pressure or are anemic? Perhaps your immune system has been suppressed, and you can’t seem to shake that stuffy nose? There are many places to turn to for advice on how to get back […]

What Does Science Say About Covid-19 and Kids?

What does science say about covid-19 and kids- thumbnail

Over the last year, I have put up a few blog posts about what science says about different topics. School has just started for many kids in the United States, so I wanted to dive in and look at what science is saying about how Covid-19 affects kids.  What are the numbers for kids and […]

Most Important Video on Vaccines for Covid-19

UPDATE- A lot of what Geert predicted is now coming true. This groundbreaking video dives into the issues with the vaccine rollout, innate immunity, naturally acquired immunity and other topics regarding the Covid-19 vaccinations. If you want to understand more about how this vaccine may affect your immune system then please watch this video. It […]

How To Keep Your Immune System Healthy During Challenging Times

How To Keep Yourself Healthy During Challenging Times

Maintaining a healthy immune system and ready to fight off any invaders is hard during these challenging times. Hi, this is Heather from Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness. I just wanted to reach out to you guys today with a couple of things that you can do to keep your immune system healthy as our […]

SilverSol Technology- Better than Antibiotics!

It’s that time of year again…everyone seems to be getting some kind of sickness….cold, flu, tummy troubles, plugged-up nose, etc. While the change of seasons kind of marks this time of getting into the “sick season,” the good news is, you don’t have to partake in “sick season” this year! I bet you are asking, […]