5 Relieving Ways Littleton Chiropractors Can Help

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Relieving Ways Littleton Chiropractors Can HelpChiropractic care is about much more than fixing a stiff back. It can positively affect nearly every part of your body in one way or another. 

The practice itself has more than 70,000 practitioners in the United States alone. All of them are required to pass a series of exams to get their licenses. Together, they treat more than 35 million Americans every year. 

So how exactly can chiropractors help you improve your health and quality of life?

1. Deal With Patterns of Stress

What if I said you could go to a doctor who can assess your deepest hidden stress patterns, address them via your spine, and help you heal from those stresses? Would that be interesting to you? 

The most commonly known way chiropractic adjustment helps patients is by dealing with stress and pain in the body. Our very unique chiropractic style uses a special instrument called an Arthrostim or the practitioner’s hands to realign your spine, spinal cord, and joints. 

Some of the various conditions treated range from neck and back pain to depression and ADHD. It can also improve how your body deals with allergies and asthma. 

2. Assists With Pregnancy

Women go through a lot of emotional and physical stress during pregnancy. Their body has to constantly adjust to new changes and stressors as their child develops. 

A licensed chiropractor can relieve pain and help with recovery during and after their pregnancy. It also helps establish pelvic balance, which provides your baby with more room to grow.

Pregnant mothers we have seen in our Littleton clinic have had much easier and faster labor and delivery.

3. Improve Your Child’s Growth

 Most people don’t automatically think of children when they hear about chiropractic care. One of the most important jobs of a child’s nervous system is growth and development. Body alignment and joint manipulation are crucial for all stages of a person’s life.

Not only does it help them sleep better and improve their behavior, but it creates long-term benefits as well. Parents will especially notice it working when their child goes through puberty, which can cause joint pain and tenderness. 

We want to make sure your child hits all of their genetic windows of growth and development.

4. Functional Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of maintaining and supporting a healthy body. What you eat provides the fuel for your body to function well. At our

Littleton chiropractic office, we offer more than chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Dody can also address your eating habits and find the underlying cause of your symptoms. 

Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right vitamins. You need to know precisely the supplements your body needs and, more importantly, what it doesn’t need. 

That is why we use bloodwork to help assess each individual’s needs. Get started with a free evaluation and receive actionable steps to make healthy choices. 

5. Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback therapy is a specialized treatment focused on the brain. It “re-wires” the brain through training and can help patients deal with a wide range of issues. 

Some of the various problems it can help with include anxiety, depression, memory loss, and OCD. It can also strengthen your memory after a traumatic head injury. 

Not all licensed chiropractors offer neurofeedback training, but some Littleton chiropractors do. 

Relying on Littleton Chiropractors

Littleton chiropractors offer a variety of services, all aimed at helping patients relieve pain and stress while promoting a healthier lifestyle. It’s perfect for people of all ages, so you can feel safe knowing your family and friends are in good hands. 

Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness uses the latest tools and treatments to provide the best care. Contact us today to learn more about what our clinic has to offer. 

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