What Was Red Before it Was Red?

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inital scan vs follow up scanWhen it comes to reviewing the results of your examination with you, we color code the results. Red is indicative of a severe disturbance. Blue indicates a moderate problem and green is usually mild. Each system we examine…the nerve system, the muscle system, and the skeletal system contribute a piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining the direction your health has been going in and what we may need to do to turn it around.

If all three systems we examine demonstrate a problem in a particular spinal area, that area is color-coded red. If two systems are involved, it is color-coded blue and if only one system is involved, green.

Then we summarize these findings by color-coding the neuro-physiology chart. Clearly, a red area demonstrates a more serious/chronic health risk than a blue or green. The question ultimately becomes, “what was the color red before it was red?” The answer, of course, is blue. And, before it was blue, it was green. And before it was green, it was normal. From this, we can clearly understand the progressive nature of how health deteriorates over time…often in the absence of symptoms.

For an area to be colored red and be an area of complaint or concern lets us be sure that we’ve found the cause of your health issue and will be able to help. Other areas that may also be red often reflect chronic health problems that may not be bothering you at the time or may be indicative of a family history of health problems associated with abnormal nervous system function from that area of the spine.

Other areas that are blue or green are likely indicative of health concerns that have not progressed far enough to cause your body to begin to break down but still should be addressed to assure you the best possible health future.

The bottom line concept to understand here is that you are either in the process of having health improve or having health decline, which do you want?

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