what is the adjustment?

Have you noticed yet that you are not adjusted that same way each time you come to the office? Why do you think that is? What do you think is the purpose of the adjustment?

The purpose of the adjustment is to remove interference to your nervous system, restore nerve flow, and in turn, restore health and wellness.

Now let’s talk about how to receive a GREAT ADJUSTMENT!


Follow these simple steps:

  • Your adjusting time is your healing time. Turn your awareness internally to your body and let go of the outside pressures of home, work, and life.
  • Develop a Wellness Chiropractic Lifestyle. We encourage you to participate in the learning experience in our clinic. This is your opportunity to receive more value with every visit as you interact in a wellness discussion. Participation is optional; if you choose not to participate, please be courteous to others by turning off cell phones, talking quietly, and keeping children respectful of others.
  • Relax, consciously clear your mind and body, letting go of any stress pent up within. Develop calmness as you prepare your body for the adjustment.
  • Neurosurgery without a scalpel. There is incredible power with every adjustment. Focus your mind’s eye internally on your energy being released and your life force being restored, thus empowering your adjustment. See and feel the nerve impulses and energies being released to your organs, tissues, and every cell in your body. See yourself as a well-orchestrated symphony of trillions of cells beautifully conducted by your nervous system.
  • Allow yourself to heal. Know that you are completely capable of healing yourself and allow the magic of the life-force inside of you to nurture you.

After your adjustment, take a few breaths and move purposely. You have the opportunity to live an abundant, vital, and inspired life with optimum performance at every level.

The purpose of the adjustment is to allow the body to maintain homeostasis (auto-regulate to maintain your stable state) communicating and running the body properly. The purpose of an adjustment is not to move a bone, or get pressure off the nerve, it is to put impressions on the nervous system so the body can better maintain itself and adapt to your environment. Help us to help you get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime!

We've Moved!

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