What Does a Chiropractor Do and Why Should You Visit One?

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what does a chiropractor do and why should you visit oneIf you’ve ever complained about pain in your neck or back, you’ve probably gotten unsolicited advice to visit a chiropractor. Instead of ignoring this advice, you should consider learning more about chiropractic services to see if they could actually help you. 

So what is a chiropractor? What does a chiropractor do? Keep reading to learn about these things and how you can benefit from visiting your local chiropractor. 

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors are experts of the spine, nervous system, and muscles, and their job is essentially to diagnose and treat your pain, symptoms, and any mobility problems. During your first visit, you’ll spend most of the session discussing your symptoms so your chiropractor can come up with an appropriate treatment plan. 

Depending on the cause of your ailments, your chiropractor could recommend several treatment options. Some of these chiropractic services include adjustments, laser therapy, massage therapy, spinal traction, some forms of physical therapy, and more.

Most people don’t know that chiropractors address back and neck pain and help you get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime. Chiropractors can manage other symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, and digestive complaints.

Our office specializes in the Koren Specific Technique, a gentle chiropractic method that adjusts the body without any twisting, “cracking, or popping.”

Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor 

Now that you have an idea of what a chiropractor can do, you’re probably wondering if visiting one could help you. Keep reading below to learn some of the main benefits of going to the chiropractor. 

Eases Neck and Back Pain

One of the most obvious reasons people visit the chiropractor is to help treat their neck or back pain. Whether you wake up with a kink in your neck or you’re suffering from chronic back pain, seeing a chiropractor can ease your spine troubles.

Some doctors will refer their patients to a chiropractor after a physically traumatic event, like a car accident, to help decrease long-term damage. Chiropractors can treat these ailments with adjustments, spinal decompression, laser therapy, and massage therapy. 

Prevent Headaches

Do headaches or migraines often interfere with your daily life? Sometimes the cause of these headaches is from pressure on your spine. Chiropractors can manipulate your neck and spine to relieve this pressure, which can decrease the frequency and strength of your headaches.  

Relieves Stress

We know stress is the leading cause of most health issues people experience. Visiting the chiropractor is a positive experience that will leave you feeling relieved and relaxed at the end of your sessions. People who aren’t experiencing pain are more likely to enjoy their daily activities and feel in control of their health. 

At Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness in Littleton, CO, we use heart rate variability (HRV) to show you exactly how you are handling stress in your life. HRV is the gold standard way to measure how stress is affecting your heart in addition to your overall body.

If you want to know exactly how you are handling stress, schedule a free consultation today.

Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stressful time for your body, but seeing a chiropractor can reduce some of the pain and discomfort that comes with it. Not only is going to the chiropractor while pregnant safe, but it’s often encouraged by doctors.

Chiropractic care can also improve your pelvic floor muscles, leading to easier and faster labor and delivery. We see this with our pregnant moms at our clinic.

Check out more about how chiropractic can help with pregnancy hereCHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR PREGNANCY


Promotes Better Sleep

When was the last time you woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed? If you’re struggling to get enough sleep, or the quality of your sleep has you waking up more tired than before, visiting the chiropractor could help.

If you’re sleeping in uncomfortable positions or with a misaligned spine, you could be contributing to your fatigue and discomfort without realizing it. 

Take Control of Your Health

Hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea of what a chiropractor does and why you should visit one. Now that you know of the benefits of going to a chiropractor, what are you waiting for? Schedule a session with us and take the first step towards a new and healthier you. 

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