what are the global effects of a subluxation?

Look at C2 on the Neuro-Anatomy chart. What are the principal areas of the body that the C2 nerve supplies?

One of the common physical manifestations of a C2 subluxation can be sinus problems; does that make sense to you?

When there is interference to a single spinal nerve, we call that a LOCAL EFFECT of a subluxation. In other words the interference is just to that nerve and affects those areas of the body supplied by that nerve.

Suppose we had a patient with epileptic seizures and a subluxation of C2. Show me on the Autonomic Nerve chart where the “Epileps” are. I see the lungs, the kidneys, where are the “Epileps”? Guess what, I tricked you… there are no “Epileps”, I made them up.

Epilepsy is a problem with brain chemistry. So how would you explain that nerve interference of C2 could cause a patient to have abnormal brain chemistry resulting in epileptic seizures?

The answer is that subluxations may not only affect a spinal nerve but they can affect your brain stem (C1-C3), or they can twist or torque your very delicate tissues protecting your spinal cord, the spinal meninges. This interference is similar to causing a short circuit, or a circuit overload, on the electrical system of your home.

What happens when you have a short circuit or a circuit overload at your house? The circuit breaker shuts the power off to that overload.
The same thing happens in the body. It shuts the power down causing abnormal function throughout the nervous system. This can result in overall nervous system function being reduced, and an abnormal brain and body chemistry. These effects are called the GLOBAL EFFECTS of a subluxation and they can be very, very serious.

Let’s look at a couple of global effects. . .

There is more to subluxations than back pain, neck pain, and a pinched nerve. Some of the scariest consequences of subluxations come from the possible global effects on your body. When most patients investigate their subluxations they are often concerned about the potential health problems that may arise in the tissues that the specific nerve supplies at the level of their subluxations.
For example; if they have a T2 subluxation, the nerve at that level supplies the heart and lung tissue. Their concern, and rightly so is, will this subluxation cause heart or lung problems? The research and case studies indicate that this is a possibility, but even more importantly, subluxations may cause even more serious global health problems in your body.

Global Effects of Subluxations:

1. Impaired Immune Function: Arguably one of the most important keys to a long healthy life is a healthy immune system. Research now reveals that your subluxations may seriously impair the function of your immune system. Dr. Pero’s research indicates that one’s immune response and susceptibility to serious disease are negatively affected by subluxations. Another study reveals that the quantity, and quality of your white blood cells are negatively affected by subluxations.
Think about what would happen to you if you had an immune system that wasn’t working well?

2. Decreased Mental Function: Nobody would want their mind to be clouded and not be able to process information and think clearly. A chiropractic study demonstrated that an individual’s mental efficiency may improve 1,500-3,000% after a chiropractic adjustment. In another study, researchers discovered that brain stem function improved following a chiropractic adjustment.

3. Altered Emotional Stability: We usually don’t relate our emotional states to whether we need an adjustment or not, however, our emotions are intimately related to our nervous system function. Studies reveal an amazing connection between altered neurochemistry and emotional states to the subluxation. Many studies reveal that chiropractic care can offer fascinating results for patients with ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks, irritability, and general states of loss of well-being.

4. Damaged Genetic Potential: New research is now indicating that subluxations can alter the genetic expression of your genes. This has devastating consequences to your health and your future as a human being.

5. An Early Unnecessary Demise: In 1994 Dr. Lee authored a lengthy article that postulates that the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is involved in all disease processes and explains that the causes and cures of all diseases are mediated by our central nervous system. “Everyone must be checked on a routine basis for neurological interference caused by subluxations at a Wellness Chiropractic office if they desire to stay healthy”.Another study reveals that subluxations negatively affect the visceral (organ) input centers, and output centers in your brain stem. This indicates that almost any subluxation, at any level, may result in almost any kind of health challenge.

Finally, the autopsies performed by Dr. Windsor M.D., correlated that nearly all of the diseases these people suffered from were related to a curvature in the spine, or a spinal problem that damaged the nerve that supplied that specific organ.

So now let me ask you…What do you think the most serious effects of a subluxation are?