What We Know About This Virus So Far

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What we know so far


There has been a lot of information about this virus in the news. It seems like there are many contradictory stories about what is going on. So what do we know about this virus so far?

What The Experts Are Saying

Our leading medical expert in the US, Dr. Fauci, is stating we need to stay alert and ensure we don’t let this virus and its effects explode again. Of course, he also says that the vaccine may not be effective or may even cause the disease to be worse.

Did We Accomplish The Mission With Lockdowns?

Many states are staying in lockdown because they don’t want a “second wave” of the virus to kill even more people. Do you remember why we started the quarantine in the first place? My guess is that most people may have forgotten. It was to “flatten the curve,” right? Why did we need to flatten the curve? It was to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed by too many severe cases of this disease. I would have to say the mission is accomplished!

What The Data Is Saying

Take a look at The COVID Tracking project, which is a website that takes data from all the local health departments and brings it together in one place. The volunteers who collect the data from each state put a grade on the quality of the data each state puts out. The data shows hospitalizations have declined for 31 consecutive days in the US.

If you look at Colorado’s Department of Public Health & Environment, our state had death counts peak on April 9th. The death rate has steadily fallen from that point until today. You can also see that the number of patients admitted to hospitals has dropped.

What do we know about this disease from facts and data? What is our country reporting? What are other countries around the world reporting?
We need to look at that information.

Dr. David Katz Talks About Covid-19

Dr. David Katz, MD, stated that the data from New York, Iran, and the Diamond Princess show this common number- 20%. He says that twenty percent of the population catches the virus, and eighty percent seem to be naturally immune to it.

According to Dr. Katz, the risk distortion has been completely blown out of proportion. Many other risk factors we deal with daily are much more deadly than this virus. He thinks that a surgical approach to re-open society is needed.

Dr. Zach Bush Explains More About Viruses

Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board-certified medical doctor, talks about how we have had viruses around us since the beginning of time. He talks about the need for viruses and how they are a part of our biome.

He also explains why the United States has higher death tolls than other areas of the world. Vaccinations and medications are complicating factors in death from this virus.

Dr. Bush talks about the virus coming back for one more season. Will the vaccine be our savior? According to Dr. Bush, that is not possible. He explains that it is physiologically and scientifically impossible. He also reminds us that it takes two years for these viruses to disappear, like SARS or MERS.

So, it seems that the questions we need to ask going forward are:

1) What data (actual science) is being used?

2) Why wouldn’t we achieve long-term immunity to this virus? Why would we assume that THIS virus would be any different in that respect?

3) Is it the virus or the host that determines the outcome?

4) Why is it discounted the fact that the human species has faced viruses and bacteria since the dawn of time and has survived every one of them because of the ability of our innate intelligence to adapt and grow?

5) Why people seem to believe they have a body that is somehow weak, defective, and prone to injury, illness, and disease? Is that how our body is designed to be?

6) What if we saw ourselves as powerful beyond measure? What if we were proactive and embraced our full potential?

In Conclusion About What We Know About This Virus So Far-

We need to understand we are surrounded by viruses every day. Our body’s ability to keep the virus from taking hold is really what determines the outcome of whether you get sick or not. You are not a victim that will ultimately be stricken with sickness if you do things to improve your body’s ability to kick a virus out. At your full potential, your body is amazing and you have more control than you think. Make sure you are sleeping, eating healthy, taking supplements, exercising, and getting adjusted. Doing those things will make this or any virus no big deal!

If you would like to help keep the virus at bay, contact our office.

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