Three Conditions

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It may be a gross over-simplification but there really are only 3 kinds of health problems or conditions and they are:

1. Acute
2. Chronic
3. Permanent

And, these conditions are progressive. The first time someone’s health begins to fail, there are usually no symptoms. When the body has been moving in an unhealthy direction long enough for it to begin to break down, symptoms generally appear. The first sign of a symptom does not mean that the health problems associated with it are acute or new…it just means the symptoms are. An acute health problem is usually one that develops as a result of an obvious injury…either physically, chemically or emotionally.

If the cause of that health issue is not addressed, eventually the problem returns, symptoms return and the body demonstrates signs of a chronic problem. Underlying but frequent signs of a chronic problem include symptoms that come and go, nervous system scans that demonstrate localized areas of spinal degeneration or decay, muscle problems that won’t be massaged away or simply health concerns that most people use over-the-counter medicines to deal with.

Permanent health problems result from simply treating symptoms when they arise without taking the time to address the underlying cause of the malfunction in the body. People often use medication for the rest of their lives to try and bring comfort to a malfunctioning body. Unfortunately, this only buys comfort…not health. And, this practice usually actually causes health problems that are easy to correct to progress from acute to chronic to permanent.

It is for these reasons that we so strongly recommend spine and nervous system evaluations be performed regularly…not just when symptoms develop. It is also why we are so adamant about how important it is to make sure your children grow up healthy rather than wait for them to break down as adults.

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