third visit

Hello again.

I hope that you have found these videos helpful. We want our patients to be welcomed, prepared, and fully informed. We appreciate that you’ve received a great deal of new and important information in the last several days. It has been our experience that the most informed patients get the best results and that’s exactly what we want for you.

So allow me to review the high points from the doctor’s report that you received. Here are the five most important things for you to understand in order to get the most out of your care.

1. Your body is designed to be healthy, and it’s your nervous system that regulates all function, keeps you healthy, and most importantly heals your body.

2. Your spine is your suit of armor, protecting that most vital nervous system, the master system. A healthy spine equals a healthy nervous system and a healthy nervous system equals a healthy body.

3. There’s a condition called subluxation that can prevent you from experiencing optimal health. A subluxation occurs when a spinal joint is jarred out of a healthy position, through traumas or bad habits or both. This causes tissue damage and swelling, this swelling creates nerve pressure, changing and inhibiting your nervous system from functioning normally and this can create all sorts of problems.

4. If subluxation is left undetected or uncorrected and it gets bad enough, silent issues like degeneration, artery changes, immune system weakness, fatigue, or other symptoms may occur. Common symptoms include things like back pain, neck pain, headaches or sometimes patients present with digestive issues, allergies, asthma, dizziness or brain fog.

5. Now the fifth and most important fact is that when subluxation is caught in time it is correctable. Chiropractors are exclusively experts in the detection and correction of spinal subluxation. Chiropractors correct subluxation and reduce nerve irritation through the application of a specific series of adjustments to the spine. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective. In fact, the majority of patients really enjoy getting adjusted.

Today, I reviewed your exam results. Now, if you’re watching this video, it most likely means that you also received your first adjustment, which is exciting. I love giving patients their first adjustment. It means that your body has already begun the healing process. If this is the case, we also discussed recommendations for your care. These recommendations are designed to help you reach your health goals.

If you are already struggling with a health challenge or crisis or symptom, I’m sure that your immediate goals are focused on getting out of crisis. And of course we are committed to helping you do just that. But ultimately our shared goal is to get you back to health. For now we’ve all got lot of work to do in order for you to get there. But it is worth it and you can do it. We want you to get the most out of your care and get the results you are looking for as quickly as possible.

So here are three key strategies for you-

• First, keep your appointments – make it your goal to never miss an appointment. Challenge yourself; the adjustments done in rhythm are key to correcting your subluxation pattern.

• Secondly, follow the doctor’s recommendations around life outside of the office; break the bad habits that got you in trouble in the first place. Our team will expand on this and commit to the specific exercises that we will teach you. These will strengthen your spine and help you hold your adjustments. Now the big idea is to hold your adjustments as long as possible, when you hold your adjustments your body is healing.

• And lastly be patient with your body, it took time for your spine to get into the shape that it’s in and it is going to take us time to help you get back to health and function. But you can do this.

Okay, that is enough for now. We know that you may still have a lot of great questions and there is the good deal that you need to learn in order to get the best results. We have some great workshops that can help you and your loved ones learn more. And thank you for sharing this incredible approach for better health and a better life. We are excited to come along side of you on your health journey. On behalf of our entire team, welcome.