The Complete Guide to Choosing a Chiropractor in Littleton, CO

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Back pain is now one of the most common reasons people either miss work or seek medical help. If you’re struggling with back pain, a chiropractic adjustment could provide relief. Make sure you’re finding a licensed, experienced chiropractor in Littleton, CO, first.

Not sure how to go about choosing a chiropractor? Here are the tips you need for an effective search.

Read on to find a chiropractor you can trust to relieve your back pain today!

Gather Referrals

The easiest way to vet your options for chiropractors is to turn to friends and family members. Ask your inner circle if they can recommend a chiropractor in Littleton. If they’ve visited a chiropractor within the last year, ask about their previous checkups.

You can draft a list of questions you want to ask about their experiences ahead of time.

For example, you might consider asking:

  • Where is the practice located?
  • How long has the chiropractor worked in the industry?
  • What services do they offer?
  • Did they relieve your symptoms?
  • Would you visit them again?

Ask each person you speak with if they encountered any problems during their appointments, too. If they did, ask how the chiropractic practice resolved the issue. Look for a practice that prioritizes patient care.

If you cannot gather referrals from your inner circle, start searching online instead. Build a list of chiropractic practices in Littleton. Then, look for online patient reviews.

Reading online reviews can help you find a chiropractor worthy of your trust. It can also help you determine which practices to avoid.

You can find reviews on the practice’s website,, the BBB website, and through Google Business listings.

Look for any complaints that repeat between websites. For example, perhaps patients had issues with scheduling, long wait times, or billing. 

Maybe the chiropractor wasn’t professional, or the office wasn’t clean.

Check each chiropractor on your list to determine if they have any malpractice suits filed against them. If they do, keep searching.

Check Credentials

Don’t begin chiropractic treatment without confirming the chiropractor has the proper credentials.

First, determine where the chiropractor completed their education and training. Confirm they graduated from an accredited institution. Make sure each chiropractor on your list is licensed to practice in the state.

Note where they went to medical school and which training hospital they attended to gain hands-on experience. Otherwise, determine if the chiropractor earned any additional certifications or received specialized training. You can find this information on the chiropractor’s website or profile.

If the chiropractor lacks the proper credentials, they might put your health and well-being at risk. Finding someone with the proper training, on the other hand, can give you peace of mind. This way, you can schedule your appointment confidently, knowing the chiropractor will help ease your pain.

A chiropractor that lacks the necessary training and expertise could cause a disability. Pay attention to each professional’s credentials before scheduling your appointment.

Consider Experience

Once you build a list of chiropractors with the proper credentials and training, look into their work experience. First, determine how long each chiropractor has worked in the industry. Determine how long they’ve owned their own practice in Littleton, too.

A chiropractor with years of literal hands-on experience treating patients will have an easier time diagnosing the problems you’re experiencing. 

They’ll also leverage their experience to determine the best course of treatment. Experienced chiropractors can develop well-rounded treatment plans customized to each patient.

On the other hand, someone who is new to the industry might lack the know-how you need.

Remember to consider how long they’ve owned their chiropractic practice. An established business has worked out billing and scheduling issues over the years. Otherwise, these problems might impact your experience as a patient.

If you’re suffering from a specific condition, try to find a chiropractor with experience treating that same condition.

About one million chiropractic adjustments are performed every day across the US. Meanwhile, over 35 million Americans visit the chiropractor each year. Their years of chiropractic care experience can further benefit your experience as a patient.

Explore Services

Determine what services each chiropractor offers at their offices. 

Complementary services can further relieve your back or neck pain. Remember, an experienced chiropractor will customize your treatment plan based on your needs.

They might include these services to help relieve your pain symptoms:

  • Neurofeedback
  • Manual adjustments
  • Functional nutrition
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Hot and cold therapy

The chiropractor shouldn’t push you to approve specific services during your consultation appointment. Instead, they should help you see the pros and cons of each treatment option. Then, they should help you make informed choices based on your needs.

Schedule a Consultation

Narrow your options for chiropractors down to three offices in the area. Then, schedule a consultation appointment with each one. Write down a list of questions you want to ask during each appointment.

For example, you can ask each chiropractor about their experience, areas of expertise, and credentials. You can also discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing and the treatments they recommend.

During the appointment, pay attention to how the chiropractor speaks and acts. Do they put you at ease? If you’re not comfortable around them, keep searching.

Compare Prices

Before leaving each office, ask for an itemized list of services the practice offers. Determine if the office accepts your insurance, too.

Once you’ve gathered quotes from three different options, compare your options for chiropractors. Don’t make any decisions based solely on pricing. Instead, review your notes to make an informed choice based on your treatment needs.

Ease Every Ache: Start Choosing a Chiropractor Today

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a chiropractor who lacks the necessary experience or know-how. Instead, use these tips to make an informed choice during your search. With these tips, you can find a chiropractor you can depend on to ease your pain.

Want to put an end to your aches and pains? We can help.

Schedule an appointment at our practice today to get started!

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