Subluxation of the Week: 2C

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Subluxation of the Week 2CWhile chiropractic is not involved in the chasing of symptoms per se, it is important to understand the neurological basis for many health complaints. Towards that end, we have compiled reference materials to assist in your understanding of how the nervous system controls and coordinates all function in the human body.

The second spinal vertebra under the skull is called the Axis. There are 7 cervical vertebrae all together and we will consider them one at a time.

2C, according to our Neuro-Anatomy chart, is involved with providing the primary nerve supply from the control centers in the brain to the Sinus, tongue, heart, forehead, optic and auditory nerves. It is commonly found to be an area that is subluxated (misaligned producing abnormal nerve system transmission of information) leading to such common health complaints as allergies, sinus problems, palpitations, visual and auditory disturbances.

2C subluxation can be caused by physical, chemical, emotional and/or environmental stress or a combination of these stressors beyond the body’s ability to cope. Common stressors affecting this part of the spine and nervous system include reflex subluxation resulting from chronic allergies (exposure to allergens), chronic sinus problems (long-term ingestion of dairy products), sadness and despair.

Perhaps of greater importance than these local affects of subluxation of 2C, are the global affects of subluxation of this area because this is an area where a portion of this bone may put direct pressure on the spinal cord itself. This can cause effects throughout the body just like 1C. Additionally, some consider that there is a relationship between digestive disorders and 2C. As such, this may be a combination subluxation and the left side of the 5T ‘ 9T area may also be affected or contributing to the 2C problem.

As you can see, the nervous system isn’t simply a this for that approach to health. Everything is inter-related and your chiropractor’s expertise is in determining the causes of BOTH health problems and health itself.

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