Stress causes subluxations

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So we’ve talked about the different aspects of holistic health and the healing properties it can have on our body, mind, and soul. There are many kinds of holistic medicine, but one thing they all agree on is inflammation. 

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury, infection, and irritation. There are two types of inflammation: Chronic and Acute. Acute inflammation helps remove harmful irritants and pathogens from the affected area to begin the healing process. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, happens when an imbalance in the immune system causes the body to attack healthy tissue. 

Now let’s discuss how chiropractic adjustments can help:

Stress and inflammation lead to subluxations. Subluxations are altered or shifted vertebrae that can cause pain, inflammation, and even loss of function. The primary purpose of chiropractic care is to realign these vertebrae, reducing pressure on the nerves and creating a more straightforward pathway for them to communicate. This stops the production of neuropeptides, which in turn helps reduce inflammation.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can also help reduce the production of cytokines. Cytokines are proteins that regulate immune system cells. When these little guys build up, they can cause a severe inflammatory response. This means that chiropractic adjustments will strengthen not only the physical body but the immune system as well. 

Improved Posture

While many people know the dangers of poor posture, they often do not know how to correct it. Chiropractors can provide patients with exercises and stretches that can help strengthen the muscles that support the spine. By combining chiropractic care with regular exercise and proper ergonomics, patients can significantly improve their posture and reduce their risk of developing spinal conditions.

In addition to improving posture, chiropractic care can also help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with poor posture. Patients who receive regular chiropractic adjustments often report less pain and tension in their neck, back, and shoulders.

Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is a natural, non-invasive way to relieve pain. It is often used to treat back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation and other techniques to reduce inflammation, improve joint function, and alleviate pain. Unlike medications or surgery, chiropractic care treats the root cause of pain rather than just masking the symptoms.

One of the reasons that chiropractic care is so effective at relieving pain is that it addresses the underlying cause of the pain. Many patients who seek chiropractic care have misalignments in their spine that are causing their pain. By correcting these misalignments, chiropractors can help relieve pain and improve overall spinal health.

In addition to spinal manipulation, chiropractors may also use other techniques such as massage, stretching, and soft-tissue therapy to improve range of motion. By combining these techniques with regular chiropractic adjustments, patients can significantly improve their mobility and flexibility.

Improved Range of Motion

Chiropractic care can also improve range of motion. By restoring proper alignment to the spine, chiropractors can improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness. This can be especially beneficial for athletes or anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle. Improved range of motion can also help reduce the risk of future injuries.

Chiropractic care can also be a valuable addition to a rehabilitation program. Patients who have suffered an injury or undergone surgery often experience a limited range of motion as they recover. Chiropractic care can help speed up the recovery process by improving joint mobility and reducing stiffness.

Improved Overall Health

Chiropractic care is not just for treating pain and discomfort. Regular chiropractic adjustments can also help improve overall health and wellness.

Along with spinal adjustments, chiropractors may also offer other lifestyle advice like:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet- A nutrient-dense diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and fish can help reduce inflammation. Chiropractors may also recommend supplements like fish oil, magnesium, or vitamin D to help promote joint health. 
  • Exercise- Physical movement promotes healthy bodily function and reduces inflammation. 
  • Stress Management- Your chiropractor may also recommend various stress reduction techniques along with regular adjustments. These may include meditation, yoga, or simply getting better quality sleep.  

Here at Dody Chiropractic Center for Wholeness, we believe that our bodies are capable of far more than we’ve been taught to believe, and we are here to help you realize that. 

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