Silver: How to use it and how it works

ASAP HealthMax 35It’s that time of year again…everyone seems to be getting some kind of sickness….cold, flu, tummy troubles, plugged up nose, etc. While the change of seasons kind of marks this time of getting into the “sick season,” the good news is, you don’t have to partake in “sick season” this year!

I bet you are asking, “How can I NOT partake in being sick this year? I can’t help I caught a cold. I mean, it’s not like I tried to catch it!” Well, I know that nobody tries to get sick, and there are a lot of yucky germs going around this time of year, but that is not the only part of why you are getting sick. Did you know that there are a whole ton of germs, both good and bad in your body right now? Yep, even if you are healthy. But if you are healthy, these germs are in balance with each other and your immune system is strong enough to fight off the bad guys if they start to get out of control. So, if you are getting sick, for one reason or another, your immune system is not as strong and cannot fight off the bad germs being coughed all over and the bad germs start to outnumber the good germs.

One incredibly helpful way to keep your immune system strong is to get adjusted. Since getting adjusted deals with the spine that holds all of the nerves that control your body, including your immune system, this helps a ton in preventing sickness, reducing the healing time to get better, as well as reducing the symptoms when you do get sick.

But let’s face it, everyone gets sick at some point. And I know that when I get sick, I like to have multiple strategies working for me to help me get better faster. One of the products I absolutely love is the SilverSol Technology product. These are different than the colloidal silver and ionic silver products you find at the store. The SilverSol Technology uses nano-silver technology and is the new standard against which other silver products are measured. This type of silver is more bioavailable and more stable.

One of the most common liquid silver solutions on the market today is ionic silver. This type of silver usually takes a chemical form of silver and dilutes it to a certain part per million (ppm) which is then bottled and sold. This type of silver is often very unstable and can fall out of solution easily. Additionally, ionic forms of silver have only one action in the body, which is that each silver ion steals its missing electron, becoming neutral and no longer useful for the body. Lastly, and probably most importantly, ionic forms of silver are not metabolized and as a result, can bind up in the body. Over extended periods of time this can cause a skin condition called Argyria, which basically turns the skin blue!

Another type of silver is Silver bound with protein. The only difference being that because ionic forms of silver are not generally stable and because they contain unusually large amounts of silver, they are sometimes bound to a protein. The idea behind binding the ionic silver to the protein is to help make the product more stable than traditional forms of ionic silver, as well as, hopefully making the ionic solution more bioavailable. However, as a result of this binding with protein, the silver ion is less functional and useful than traditional ionic silver ions. Consequently, higher levels of silver are needed to obtain the desired effect.

Neither of these types of ionic silvers sounded great to me and I wasn’t going to risk turning blue to get rid of a cold. More importantly, I was not going to give it to my kids! So I did more research and found this SilverSol Technology. I learned that not only is it more stable and bioavailable, which means it will work better, but I am also not taking a risk of turning blue when I use it…kind of important to me! I also learned that the SilverSol Technology has multiple modes of action, unlike the other silvers. The SilverSol Technology can steal multiple electrons, whereas other forms of silver can only steal one. Second, each particle is permanently embedded with a resonant frequency. This allows the particles to have a positive effect on things, without needing direct contact with them. Lastly, the particles also utilize a very useful electrostatic charge. The best part to me is that this will control the bad germs without harming the good germs and your gut flora. It’s like an antibiotic without the side effects!

Additionally, the makers of the SilverSol Technology have gone above and beyond with the safety of their product.

The silver particles are excreted from the body within 24 hours. Therefore, supplements made with this particular silver particle can normally be ingested daily as a dietary supplement without building up in the body.

The silver particles reach their peak absorption in the bloodstream within 2 hours for quick and effective absorption. Because of their multiple modes of action, you need less of SilverSol Technology nano-silver particles to accomplish the same thing as you would with other ionic or colloidal silver particles. This results in much less silver ingested comparatively.

As you add up these unique qualities that separate SilverSol Technology from others, it becomes clear that this one is by far much safer!

Since you can use the SilverSol Technology to work against bacteria infections, viral infections, as well as parasites, this is the number one thing that I recommend for people to have in their “medicine” cabinet. We use ours all the time if we feel anything coming on and it works wonders! We have recommended it to many, many people coming through our wellness clinic and we have heard nothing but great feedback!

Info on Dosing:

For daily wellness care, follow the instructions on the bottle. If you are already sick, take ½ to 1 tsp 4-5 times per day until 2 days past the day of relief.

This is non-local, meaning that it doesn’t have to come into direct contact with the part of the body that you are treating. Just taking it by mouth will help; however, I have found some tips that seem to help for the following situations.

• Nasal Congestion: use nasal spray bottle (preferred method) or a dropper and put a little bit in each nostril
• Strep/Sore Throat: before you swallow, gargle for several seconds and/or dropper in nostrils
• Cough: gargle in mouth before swallowing
• Cuts/Scrapes: wet a cotton ball with the silver and wipe the wound to keep it clean or use the silver gel for fast healing
• Flu/Tummy Ache: swallow as usual
• Earache: 1 drop in each ear
• Pink Eye/Eye Infections: 1-2 drops in the eye
• Canker/other mouth sores: Gargle in mouth, swishing over the sore and then swallow
• Gum Infection/Gingivitis: Swish in mouth before swallowing
• Cold sores: If in the mouth, swish over sore; if out of the mouth, use gel to coat sore