Should I Get Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccine?

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SHOULD I GET VACCINATED WITH COVID-19 VACCINEWhat if I told you that the current vaccines for Covid-19 have likely killed over 25,000 Americans, would that number shock you? If it does, you need to read more about what you do not hear in the mainstream media.

I read a great article from an entrepreneur named Steve Kirsch. Steve has made millions in different business endeavors. When the threat of a Covid-19 pandemic was ramping up, he used his intellect to look for early treatment options, called fluvoxamine, for fighting this virus. He was so passionate about helping find a treatment he used his own money for research and development. If you want to see more about the evidence, check out this webpage- Fluvoxamine evidence.

Here are his observations from his research on this vaccine-

  1. We are not getting accurate numbers of deaths and injuries related to these vaccines.
  2. The spike protein is toxic and is accumulating in many tissues outside of the injection site.
  3. Fertility and miscarriages are among the adverse events from taking the vaccine.
  4. Myocarditis is a major adverse event in teen boys after taking the vaccine.
  5. The risk-to-benefit ratio for kids taking the vaccine is none. No benefit, only risk.
  6. These vaccines are 500x more deadly than the flu vaccine.
  7. These vaccines have generated more adverse reports in the last six months than all 70 vaccines over the past 30 years.

There are more conclusions that he has made but let’s dive deeper into the ones above.

Inaccurate Deaths and Adverse Events Reported

Most people don’t realize that the system we use in the United States to report vaccine injuries is voluntary. This system is called VAERS. As a voluntary system, we have no idea whether all of the events are being documented or not. This unknown means that the CDC has no idea what the actual numbers are for deaths or injuries relating to the vaccine.

Our government wanted to know how accurate the numbers in this system were. A review funded by the HHS conducted by Harvard Medical School found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported” to VAERS over three years. This underreporting could equal 100 times more adverse events than are reported.

We also know that VAERS is a lagging indicator of the number of adverse events. There is always a backlog of the reports submitted but not entered into the system. According to OpenVAERS, there have been 5,993 deaths related to the vaccines at the time of writing this article.

What if this were only 1% of the actual reported deaths? That number would be staggering.

Spike Protein Accumulating in Tissues

Growing research and clinical data have shown that the spike protein that the mRNA sequence is coding for in the cell may be toxic. Initially, developers of the vaccines thought that the spike protein did not affect the tissues in the body. However, we now know that this is not the case.

We have seen with the mass vaccination of the population that the spike protein can cause damage to the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. 

A report from a Japanese regulatory agency showed that the mRNA lipid nanoparticles circulated throughout the body. In addition, they showed a large concentration of the particles within 48 hours after injection in the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, and ovaries

Dr. Byron Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph, stated, “We made a big mistake” after reviewing this report. He went on to say, “We did not realize it until now, we thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, but we never knew the spike protein itself was a potential toxin. By vaccinating people, we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin”.  Here is an interview of Dr. Bridle where he is discussing his concerns.

The concentration in the ovaries is particularly concerning because we are vaccinating younger women who are in their reproductive prime. These women had minimal risk of dying from the virus but may damage their reproductive system because of this vaccine.  

Dr Byram Bridle interview

Fertility and Miscarriages

As we just discussed, there is an increase in the lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries. We know that the endometrial lining of a woman’s uterus is very fragile. 

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a world-renowned pathologist, talks about his experience with this on the Highwire. He also talked about blood clots caused by the spike protein attacking the ACE-2 receptors in the blood vessels. He states we don’t know how this will affect young women in the future. However, the decrease in the blood supply from blood clots to the endometrium could lead to miscarriages and issues with infertility.

Another issue raised by Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer research, is that the Syncytin-1 tissue in the placenta is similar to the spike proteins in the SARS virus. Simply put, the similarity means that the body of a vaccinated woman would attack her placental tissue and prevent its formation. If you would like to hear more from Dr. Yeadon, check out his interview with Del Bigtree

Dr Michael Yeadon interview

Myocarditis in Vaccinated Kids

Israel has a much more robust tracking system for adverse events from vaccines than the US. Israel is also one of the countries that vaccinated a large portion of the population very rapidly.  

Researchers in Israel reported, “between one in 3,000 and one in 6,000 men between the ages of 16 and 24 had developed myocarditis, or heart muscle inflammation, after receiving both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine there.” These findings are 25 times the standard background rate of myocarditis for that age range.

According to the article, this report was the first extensive study linking cases of heart inflammation to Covid-19 vaccinations. However, Israel is not the only country to see these issues.

According to the state of Connecticut, “As of May 24th, working with several Connecticut hospitals, DPH has identified 18 people out of nearly 400,000 fully vaccinated 16-34 year-olds who have developed myocarditis after recently receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.”

If you want to see more information about myocarditis after vaccination, please check out this video- IRREVERSIBLE HEART DAMAGE TO OUR YOUTH?

heart damage video

Risks vs. Benefits in Vaccinating Kids

Beyond what we have already discussed with myocarditis, a study showed that kids have innate immunity to Covid-19. In addition, the researchers state, “Kids are armed with anti-coronavirus B cells.” 

According to the CDC, deaths in children under 17 years of age was 0.04% of all Covid-19 deaths in the US. So my question is, if the risk of death is almost zero, why would we put our children at risk of severe adverse effects or even death from vaccinations. Take a look at the many adverse events in younger children in OpenVAERS.

More Serious Side Effects 

As discussed, these vaccines have had more adverse events than all previous vaccines combined over the last 30 years. Of course, fact-checkers will say this is mostly false. However, as you can see from the VAERS data, we have had almost 6,000 deaths report directly related to the Covid-19 vaccines. Remember, these deaths are from a vaccine that is under emergency use authorization.

Do you think we may have sped up the safety studies and looked the other way to any concerns? 

Are there other medications that have much longer safety records that could treat or even prevent Covid-19?

Possible alternative treatments are another can of worms we could open up. If you would like to find out more about this subject, please check out this podcast- COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein

ivermectin interview

I hope this article and its links help you find out more about what you do not hear in mainstream media. Please share this vital information with friends and family members.


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