New Vaccinated vs Un-Vaccinated Study- Health Outcomes

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One of the most significant holes in vaccine research is that there are no studies on the health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. Well, a new study is out that looks directly at that issue.

Most people are aware of the “anti-vaccine” movement that has been gaining traction for some time. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, a new study by epidemiologist Brian Hooker, Ph.D., has cast some more light on the situation.

Read on to see how this new knowledge might change how you view vaccines for anyone curious about the different health outcomes of vaccinated children and unvaccinated children.

The Study Uses Medical Clinic Data

Hooker looked at three different data sets from three medical clinics across the United States. The final data set analyzed 2047 children under the age of 1, spanning a decade from 2005 to 2015. The authors of the study compared children who received vaccinations in their first year of life, to those who did not receive vaccinations.

The researchers followed each child from birth to the age of three to look for specific diagnoses. The study looked at four particular diagnoses: developmental delays, asthma, ear infections, and gastrointestinal disorders in the children.

Health Outcomes of Vaccinated Children vs. Unvaccinated Children

This study aimed to compare the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated pediatric populations. The research shows that vaccinated children are, ironically, suffering from more health issues than unvaccinated children.

Based on the information, it appears that problems such as developmental delays, asthma, and ear infections all occur at an increased rate in vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated children.

healthy kids play tug of warEven more importantly, these issues, when present, seem to have a more severe presence in those children who have received a higher amount of vaccines.

What Was The Increase In Health Problems with Vaccinated Children

The vaccinated group had a 4.5 times higher chance of having asthma. This increased risk of asthma was highly statistically significant. There was over a two times greater risk of ear infections and developmental delays. The study’s authors wanted to look for specific developmental delays such as autism. Due to the limitations of the data set, for example, these were medical clinics that cared for unvaccinated children. The data was not sufficient to draw any conclusions.

Inspired By CDC Whistleblower

This new study was inspired by a whistleblower from the CDC, who contacted Brian Hooker. At that point, Hooker had made somewhat of a name for himself in the anti-vaccine, or anti-vax, movement. The whistleblower, a CDC scientist named Dr. William Thompson, gave Hooker some new hints about where he should be focusing his research on vaccines. With these hints leading him in a new direction, Brian Hooker went about performing this study. The results don’t shed vaccines in a very positive light.

Things Don’t Look Good for Vaccines

On top of the revelations above, some aspects of the study indicate things might be even worse than they seem. For instance, the study primarily focused on three-year-olds who had been vaccinated; however, they included some five-year-olds as well. The five-year-olds appeared to show higher and more severe instances of the issues mentioned above than their three-year-old counterparts.

What this suggests is that issues caused at a young age by vaccines may not even show up until many, many years later. Further research is certainly going to be needed to figure out just how much damage vaccines truly cause infant children as they progress through life.

Stay Skeptical and Stay Safe!

Admittedly, this data should be fascinating to skeptics who aren’t sure where to stand on the whole “anti-vaccine” issue. While it’s hard to reach an utterly conclusive judgment based on the information we currently have, we can undoubtedly say that some of these health problems need to be examined further. Certainly, there’s more to the story than we know, and approaching the issue of vaccines and children with a healthy amount of skepticism seems like an absolute must going into the future. If you want to read more about this topic check out our other article on this subject, Vaccinated vs Un-vaccinated Kids: Who is Healthier?



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