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Our Littleton chiropractic clinic is open for business. We can help you get healthy and stay healthy! I wanted to give you an update about what is happening at our Littleton chiropractic clinic. We are open and are dedicated to helping you and your family function optimally. I also wanted to take a deeper dive into the data we now know about this virus. So let’s dive in!

Let me ask you another question, have you ever been in a situation, like work or even at home where someone is sick and is coughing or sneezing? I would say just about everyone one of us has been in that situation. Why do some people who are around that situation get sick and others don’t? Why is that?

Here is a study out of one of the most prestigious journals, the New England Journal of Medicine, about how your stress levels can make you more susceptible to catching a cold or virus. The researchers out of Carnegie Mellon University took 394 healthy people and dripped viruses, including a coronavirus, into their noses. Then there was a control group that had saline solution dripped into their noses. Guess what, not everyone got the cold! They had every participant fill out a stress survey before they were exposed to the viruses. And not surprisingly, the people who had more stress were more likely to have symptoms.

good host or bad hostBad or Good Host?

We talk about stress daily here at the clinic. We talk about how chiropractic helps you deal with stress. So my next question for you is, do you want to be a good host or a bad host for this virus? The obvious answer is a bad host, you want your body to fight it off without symptoms.

What would you have to do to be a bad host? I would suggest having an excellent immune system. 

How can you boost your immune system?

Well, we have definitely talked about many ways to boost your immune system-

  • Eat better
  • Take specific supplements that have research to show how they help fight viruses
  • Exercise more
  • Handle stress better 
  • Get adjusted

We know that stress, pain, and subluxations reduce immune system function. Let’s do everything to stay away from those things.

What Does Your Nervous System Control?

If you are a long time practice member, hopefully, you know the answer to this question- What does your nervous system control or influence in your body? The answer is everything, right? Yeah, we know from anatomy and physiology that your nervous system is the master system of your body that controls and coordinates all the other functions. 

health and wellbeingWhen we talk about everything, does that include your overall health and wellbeing? Let me ask another question, have you ever felt better after an adjustment? Have you ever felt less pain or stress? Or think about it in another way, have you felt more energy, more range of motion, or slept better? I would say most people have experienced one or more of these things.

Does Your Nervous System Control or Influence Your Immune System?

What do you think? If you have seen any of my previous emails, I am sure you know that research shows an effect on the immune system after an adjustment. I am not going to go over all of that research again. If you want to see what science says about chiropractic and the immune system, go to our website and look at this article. Does it make sense that having an optimally functioning nervous system would be a good thing for an optimally functioning immune system? It makes sense.

So tell me, why would you want to get adjusted right now? At this time? I hope you think that anything I can do for my immune system would be huge for my health and for my loved ones. What should you be doing right now? Yeah, more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. We have opened extra times for you and your family to get checked.

The Stanford Study

Have you seen the research from the Stanford study or the press conference from the ER doctors from Bakersfield, CA? The numbers are showing that 50-80 times more people have had the virus and didn’t know it. What does that mean for the death rate? Common sense says that it is much lower than advertised. More people had it and didn’t know it, and they are still alive!

Does that mean not buying into the hype of the media? I would say yes. We know much more now about this virus and how it affects people. We need to base our policies and responses on the real numbers, not on the numbers coming from computer models. 

Let me ask you one last question, what about your friends and family? What should they be doing right now? I hope you can see that they need to be doing these things as well. 

Littleton Chiropractic Clinic is An Essential Business

We have been deemed essential by homeland security, so we are here to keep you and your family functioning optimally. Like I said at the beginning of this video, we are taking the proper precautions to keep your risk at a minimum here at the office. 

Out of curiosity, I know we are all having to go to the grocery store or the hardware store for supplies. Do you think that you have more of a chance of being exposed to the virus at our office or the grocery store?

Next Wave?

Is there going to be the next wave of this virus? Of course, there will, when you flatten the curve like we have been doing, you lengthen the curve. This means that next fall, we will see cases of Covid-19 increase again. What will you do then?

I am going to leave you with this, who will you be when you get exposed to this virus? Are you going to be a good host or a bad host? I hope you all do those things to be a terrible host to this virus!

Conclusion of Littleton Clinic Update-

Our Littleton chiropractic clinic is open for business. If you want to keep your body healthy and make sure it is not a good host for this or any virus, call and make an appointment today. We know what the real numbers are so don’t get caught up in the hysteria that the media is promoting. Do the good things you know make you healthy and happy!

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