How to Develop a Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle

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How to Develop a Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle (1980 × 800 px)There is an opioid crisis in America. Between 21% and 29% of people prescribed opioids develop an unhealthy habit. That’s one reason why more Americans choose complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) over conventional care.

Chiropractic wellness is one option within this CAM category. Chiropractic medicine is inherently holistic. Rather than focusing on a specific symptom or body part, chiropractors consider the entire system and its interrelated parts.

To learn more about how chiropractic wellness can impact your health for the better and how to cultivate this for yourself, keep reading below.

The Chiropractic Discipline

The chiropractic discipline is a holistic one. It specializes in the human musculoskeletal system, however, it considers how the body functions as a whole.

Chiropractors use their hands to manually adjust joints, soft tissue, and the spine. The foundation of this method has roots in the practice of bonesetting, something that is ancient in the East and is still very popular there today.

Chiropractic Wellness Care

Chiropractic wellness care differs from conventional medicine because it is proactive and preventative. Most people only go to the doctor when something is wrong and they want treatment to fix it. Wellness, however, has to do with caring for our bodies as a daily practice.

Chiropractic wellness involves a licensed chiropractor routinely examining their patients for the misalignment of the spine and other body parts. The chiropractor then treats the misalignment, or subluxation, so that the body part returns to its natural anatomical position.

When a body part is out of alignment, it affects bodily functions. It often interferes with natural processes and causes pain or other conditions, like headaches. Practicing chiropractic wellness and receiving regular chiropractic adjustments prevents this from happening.

Chiropractors also have other tools at their disposal. Some provide physical therapy in their office as well. Additionally, they may have electrical stimulation devices or use heat and ice therapy.

Cultivating Chiropractic Wellness

A professional chiropractor can also recommend lifestyle options to improve their patients’ wellness lifestyle at home. These may include diet options, stretching or exercise options, and even the use of portable medical devices like a TENS unit.

In terms of stretching or exercise, there are many yoga poses that a chiropractor may recommend. For example, poses like cat/camel, bird dog, or mountain pose may reduce back pain. They are also very simple and can be done without any equipment.

A TENS unit can also be used at home. This unit provides electrical stimulation to the nerves, reducing pain signals sent to the brain. A chiropractor can also provide instructions for heat or ice therapy at home.

Of course, it’s also important to eat for wellness. A healthy diet generally consists of lots of leafy greens and limited alcohol, red meat, and refined sugar.

Professional Guidance

Chiropractic wellness involves a routine of healthy choices at home combined with regular chiropractic care. Many forms of American health insurance recognize chiropractic care and cover a percentage of the cost.

If you’re interested in following a chiropractic wellness lifestyle, contact us to book an appointment with one of our professional chiropractors.

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