How to Avoid Joint and Muscle Pain in Just 10 Minutes

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What if I told you there is a way to help you reduce or even eliminate joint and muscle pain by performing an easy 10-minute stretching program. I got the opportunity to interview author Bart Potter about his book Jiffy Body. It was a great interview about how his stretching program aligns with what we do here at our clinic. If you want to reduce joint and muscle pain then this interview will point you in the right direction.

Who Is Bart Potter?

Bart Potter is the author of the book Jiffy Body. As a former athlete, he developed tremendous chronic body pain. He talks about his journey to figure out how to alleviate that chronic pain. As an Exercise Therapist, Bart has been helping people struggling with chronic pain with his Jiffy Body system since 1995. He purpose is to help people avoid joint and muscle pain.

How Does Jiffy Body Help You Avoid Joint and Muscle Pain?

This interview goes into some of the basics of the Jiffy Body system. We talk about why the Jiffy Body stretching system works. In the interview, we dive into restoring muscle balance and why that is so important. Other topics we discuss are how making sure you have the full range of motion in your joints is critical for injury prevention. Finally, we look at how strengthening muscle weakness can help you better handle your day-to-day physical stresses.

Bart discusses why blood flow to the tissues surrounding your joints is so important. Not only does it help the healing process, but it can also actually reduce the aches and pains that you are experiencing.

Jiffy Body and Chiropractic Care

As we discuss in the interview, both Bart’s system and chiropractic care work with posture. When we assess someone at our Littleton CO chiropractic clinic, we always look at posture and how it affects the nervous system function. The spinal posture directly relates to the spinal cord and how much pressure is being put on the spinal cord. As a chiropractor, I make sure each segment in your spine is moving properly, which in turn, helps the flow of energy through the nervous system. There is a lot of overlap in how Jiffy Body helps a person’s overall function and how chiropractic does the same thing.

What Can Jiffy Body Help With?

So if you are interested in:

  • Reducing, eliminating, or preventing pain, swelling, or stiffness
  • Improving overall posture
  • Increasing bone density
  • Regaining balance, strength, and flexibility
  • Restoring energy
  • Keeping those joints moving effectively
  • Enjoying your life as you get older

Then please listen to this interview with Bart Potter to get more information. The interview is at the beginning of this blog.

Sample of Jiffy Body

I know most people like to experience something before they jump in with both feet. Bart was gracious enough to provide a sample stretching routine for you to try. If you are interested in purchasing his book, go to his website There is also some great free information on that website as well. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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