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My Adjusting Style

kst adjustmentIf anyone has spent any time in the office, they realize that I do not adjust the same subuluxations every time a patient comes to the office. Most patients understand that I do not adjust the same areas of the spine every visit. I’m sure you realize that there are many different areas I could adjust and that the combination of possibilities is enormous.

Different Styles of Adjusting

You may not realize that there are many different ways a chiropractor can adjust a subluxation depending on the chiropractic technique. Various techniques have different approaches to reduce subluxation or nerve damage. In fact, there are three major types of chiropractic adjustive methods that most Chiropractors use.

First Style of Adjusting- Bone Based

One style of chiropractic adjustment looks at the bone and its alignment to the other bones of the spine. These techniques require us to actually move the spinal bone from where it is towards where it should be. Sometimes this type of adjustment is done by hand.  You can also use an instrument, like the ArthroStim™, like we use in this office.

Second Style of Adjusting- Muscle Based

The second type of chiropractic technique is more muscle-based. These approaches require us to place you in a particular position before the adjustment.  As a result, the muscles do more work and we can, in turn, do less and accomplish the same result.

Third Style of Adjusting- Energy Based

The third category of chiropractic technique is more subtle than either of these other approaches. This style is for people who require a very soft-touch approach. Even though the bone is not moved in the adjustment directly with this style. These techniques effectively assist you in moving the bone through your activities of daily living.

Koren Specific Technique

The technique I use is known as Koren Specific Technique or KST. This style uses all three of these approaches when it comes to adjusting your spine. One of the most significant benefits of this technique is that I can “talk to your body”. This helps me determine what specific vertebra need to be adjusted and, more importantly, in what order. Like a combination lock, unless you have the proper combination of numbers, the lock won’t open. My desire is to get the best results with the least amount of strain on either of our parts.

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