Holistic ADHD Treatment Options in Denver, Colorado

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Holistic ADHD Treatment Options in Denver, ColoradoDid you know that the most common mental disorder in children is ADHD? 

Formerly known as ADD, ADHD is a brain disorder that impacts a person’s ability to pay attention and control their behavior. Though it is more common in children, it can also affect adults. 

Depending on each person’s genetics and environment, symptoms can range from mild to severe. Finding ADHD treatment options can be difficult, but it is important to try many therapies to find what is right for you or your child. Keep reading to learn more.

Holistic ADHD Treatment 

There are many non-invasive treatment options that you can try if you or your child is diagnosed with ADHD. Try some of these holistic treatment options before considering medication. 

Behavior Therapy for Children 

Hyperactivity and trouble focusing are the main behavioral symptoms of ADHD. Behavior therapy focuses on changing the actions and behaviors of the child. This type of therapy takes into consideration how negative behaviors of the child are reacted to in the home. 

We know it takes the entire family to support a child with ADHD and encourage changes in their behavior. Often, parents who are frustrated with the child can unknowingly reinforce negative behavior from the child. 

The family meets with the therapist to set goals and create a plan around changing their own behaviors. The overall goal of behavior therapy is to strengthen positive behaviors in the child with ADHD.

Creating a reward system for behavior management can improve the child’s behavior. It can also aid in helping the parents’ overall mental health while coping with their child.  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is a form of psychotherapy that helps change thinking patterns in the brain. CBT aims to train the brain to reframe negative thoughts about ADHD symptoms. 

The goal of this treatment is to manage the way the symptoms interfere with daily functioning. Effective CBT will help adults with comparative thinking, overgeneralization, mind reading, and overall negative thinking. 

Neurofeedback or Brain Training

This treatment process uses brain exercises to increase alertness and decrease impulsivity. Many patients with ADHD tend to daydream, react impulsively, and get distracted. This type of brain training helps reduce these processes.

During the process, the patient wears a cap lined with electrodes while carrying out a cognitive task. While the task is performed, the brain activity is monitored to map out where the brain waves may be overactive or not active enough. Brain-wave patterns help the brain associate with focus rather than impulsivity and distraction. 

If you are in the Denver area and looking for treatment options, there are options for neurofeedback therapy for you or your child. 

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an excellent holistic therapy option for children and adults with ADHD. It improves attention and ability to focus while decreasing the feeling of hyperactivity. 

When having trouble focusing, music’s rhythm is soothing and structured, which helps the brain regulate and stay on a linear path. Music is also known to increase levels of dopamine in the brain, which help regulate attention and memory. 

The Bottom Line on ADHD Treatments 

If you are interested in a holistic approach to ADHD treatment, try one of these non-invasive, non-medical therapies. Just as not all individuals display the same symptoms, each person will have a different response to treatment. It is essential to find the therapy that works best for you. 

If you are in the Colorado area and would like to know more about holistic ADHD treatment, get in touch with our team today!

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