Examples of Nerve System Interference

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What should we do to help these skeletons? Should we offer the skeleton on the left glasses? Should we offer the skeleton in the right a microphone? Should we offer the skeleton in the middle hearing aids? How about medication? Maybe it is nerve system interference?

What drugs would you recommend for these skeletons to help them hear, speak and see?

If you answer no drugs would help them then you’re right. Obviously, these are ridiculous suggestions to fix the problems. If they would just remove the interference (in these cases, their hands from their ears, mouth, and eyes respectively) everything would be all right. Let’s show you how this relates to nerve system interference.

How Does Nerve System Interference Relate to Chiropractic?

At our Littleton CO chiropractic clinic, we show you how nerve interference can cause health problems.  You can seek solutions that might temporarily overcome the problem or you can seek to remove the cause of the problem. We focus on finding the cause rather than treating the effect of health problems.

What Does That Mean?

Well, the nervous system is the master system that controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ in your body. Any interference in this system will cause those tissues to weaken and degenerate, causing dis-ease. If you can find and remove this interference then your body will express its innate ability to be self-healing and self-regulating.

Which makes the most sense to you?

How We Help Remove Nerve System Interference

Our Littleton CO chiropractic clinic uses multiple ways to help you get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime. Dr. Dody uses a very gentle style of chiropractic adjustments to remove nerve system interference.

We also offer personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations based on bloodwork. This is called Functional Nutrition.

Lastly, we added Neurofeedback Therapy to help the brain function optimally.

Contact our office today to find out if we can help you with the underlying cause of your problem.

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