Chiropractor in Littleton: Subluxations Affect On Organs

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chiropractor littleton subluxations affect on organsA Chiropractor in Littleton, CO talks about how subluxations affect on organs. This article will explain that interference of the nerve impulse (subluxation) that leads to all your vital organs reduces the function. Our Littleton chiropractic clinic as educated the community on this connection between subluxations and organ function on a daily basis. Some skeptics say that there is no essential connection between the nerves and organs. I have to politely disagree. Subluxations affect your organs and I will show you why.

Chiropractor in Littleton Asks, What Is The Connection Of The Nervous System and Your Organs?

chiropractor littleton nervous system and organsThe connection between the brain and our organs is basic anatomy and physiology. The central nervous system (CNS), which consists of our brain and spinal cord, sends messages to our peripheral nervous system (PNS) to control our muscles and organs. (1)

If you click on the image of the autonomic nervous system, you will see the connection of the nerves to the spinal cord. You will also see the functions of those nerves and how they affect your organs.  The bottom line is all of our nerve messages originate in our brain and are sent down the spinal cord which then branches out in many different ways to connect to our organs.

How Do We Know That Subluxation Affects Organs?

Besides the obvious anatomy of the nervous system that shows the connection between the brain, spinal cord, and organs, researchers for many years of shown the connection as well. But before I dive into the research let me define what a subluxation is. If you want to find out specifically how your organs could be affected by subluxation visit our Littleton, CO chiropractic office.

Chiropractor in Littleton Talks About What Is A Subluxation?

chiropractor littleton what is a subluxationA subluxation is the interference or impairment of the optimal function of your entire nervous system caused by stress. Those stresses can be in three categories: physical, mental/emotion and biochemical.

If you break down the word subluxation it means, sub=less than and lux=light. It means a reduction of light energy flowing through your nervous system. You don’t shine as bright! Don’t believe me, check out this article about how humans glow in visible light.

When the body experiences stress that is beyond the ability to adapt it will cause joints in the spine to not move properly, which in turn causes the interference of the nerve message from the brain to the body and body back to the brain.

Chiropractor in Littleton Explains How Does A Subluxation Affect Your Organs?

Subluxation’s affect on organs has been documented quite a long time ago. In the early 1920s, Dr. Henry Winsor did autopsies on 50 cadavers. He hypothesized that abnormal curvatures of the spine caused disease in the body. His findings showed that there were 139 diseased organs in the cadavers. Out of the 139 diseased organs, 128 times that spine had abnormal curvature where the nerve that controlled that organ exited the spine. What he was describing is a subluxation like we talked about above.

Does Subluxation Affect Autonomic Nerve Functions As Well?

chiropractor littleton subluxation and chiropractic care for blood pressureIn 2007, the University of Chicago Medical Center did research looking at how a chiropractic adjustment could affect blood pressure. The participants were separated into two groups, one got a gentle, specific upper cervical adjustment and the other group had a sham adjustment. The researchers found that the adjustment group had a significant decrease in blood pressure. The decrease was similar to taking two blood-pressure medications at once.

Many people don’t think that a chiropractor in Littleton can affect functions like blood pressure, but research shows otherwise.

Chiropractor in Littleton Shows The Damage From The Subluxation Can Be Permanent In The Organ

Years ago, members of the osteopathic profession performed an experiment with laboratory animals. The experiment involved the production of an upper neck subluxation in laboratory animals to try and show a progression of nerve damage.

Nerve damage progressed from reversible to permanent damage and atrophy of the nerve itself after just 6 months. This is important to us because it so strongly underscores the need for people to have regular spinal and nerve system examinations.

It also points to the absolute need for children to be examined… before they reach the age of 6 months. Who would risk the possibility of permanent nerve damage in their child just because they didn’t know the child should be examined?

Chiropractor in Littleton Reviews Other Research Showed Issues With Subluxation and Organs?

chiropractor littleton subluxations affect liverIn another osteopathic experiment, the researchers produced a mid-back (T-6) subluxation in laboratory animals to see if the subluxation alone was enough to cause observable damage to the organ associated with it. The liver showed a condition known as “cloudy swelling” which is the destruction of a functional component of the liver.

All the animals in the study had the same environmental conditions, food, stress, etc. except one group had the T-6 subluxation and one did not. All other factors were the same. So, the researchers concluded that when you interfere with the nerve supply to an organ, the organ malfunctions and fails to repair and replace itself with healthy tissue.

Summary Of How Subluxation Affects Organs-

As a chiropractor helping people in Littleton, CO I educated people how subluxations affect organs and overall health. So, we know that subluxations damage the bones themselves and they damage the nerves and the organs served by those nerves. We also know that symptoms often appear very late in the disease process. This means we can either continue to play roulette with our health and the health of our loved ones or we can take the bull by the horns and work to make sure our health improves year after year.

Chiropractors in Littleton are helping people daily deal with subluxation’s affects on organs.

Which approach makes the most sense to you? Does an ounce of prevention equal a pound of cure? What does an ounce of wellness equal?

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