Meditation, Where To Start

When you think of meditation, your first thought might be of uber-spiritual people sitting for hours in silence. It’s amazing for reducing stress, relaxing the muscles, and increasing respiratory capacity. By slowing down the breath, the body moves out of fight or flight and into a state of rest and digest. However, because of this […]

How to Prevent Memory Loss

These days, you feel like your brain is in a constant memory-zapping fog, and you can’t shake it. If you’re feeling this way now, what do the next ten years look like? Research shows that memory lapses may happen at all ages, although they become an increasing concern for people as they age. Still, while some people […]

Should I Get Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccine?

What if I told you that the current vaccines for Covid-19 have likely killed over 25,000 Americans, would that number shock you? If it does, you need to read more about what you do not hear in the mainstream media. I read a great article from an entrepreneur named Steve Kirsch. Steve has made millions […]

Are The Covid-19 Vaccines Safe and Effective?


When we look at the safety and effectiveness of any vaccine, studies report the numbers in many different ways. Several years ago, I did a video on the flu vaccine (see video here) and how the studies reported its effectiveness.  If you watched that video, you saw how they used statistical mathematics to make the flu shot […]

How to Avoid Joint and Muscle Pain in Just 10 Minutes

What if I told you there is a way to help you reduce or even eliminate joint and muscle pain by performing an easy 10-minute stretching program. I got the opportunity to interview author Bart Potter about his book Jiffy Body. It was a great interview about how his stretching program aligns with what we […]

Are Unvaccinated Kids Healthy

Parents have the right to decide to vaccinate their children or not. The issue is controversial. There are pros and cons shared for both sides of it. Parents tend to be encouraged to vaccinate as they are told vaccinating will reduce their child’s risk of getting certain ailments.  Are unvaccinated kids healthy? New research data […]

Was The Lockdown Worth It

Was the lockdown worth it? Now that we are six months into Covid-19, what does the data say about how we handled this pandemic? If you remember way back in April when Governor Polis issued the statewide “Stay at Home” mandate. What was the goal of this mandate? It was to flatten the curve and […]

New Vaccinated vs Un-Vaccinated Study- Health Outcomes

One of the most significant holes in vaccine research is that there are no studies on the health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. Well, a new study is out that looks directly at that issue. Most people are aware of the “anti-vaccine” movement that has been gaining traction for some time. Regardless of where […]

What We Know About This Virus So Far

WATCH VIDEO BELOW- There has been a lot of information about this virus in the news. It seems like there are many contradictory stories about what is going on. So what do we know about this virus so far? What The Experts Are Saying Our leading medical expert in the US, Dr. Fauci, is stating […]