Yoga and Spinal Health

When many of us in the western world think of yoga, we think of contorting our bodies into odd, seemingly impossible shapes. In reality, yoga has nothing to do with fancy poses or impressive flexibility. Yoga means to yoke or unite. At its core, the goal of yoga is to unite the breath with movement, […]

How to Prevent Memory Loss

These days, you feel like your brain is in a constant memory-zapping fog, and you can’t shake it. If you’re feeling this way now, what do the next ten years look like? Research shows that memory lapses may happen at all ages, although they become an increasing concern for people as they age. Still, while some people […]

The Broken Wrist

the broken wrist

Can Chiropractic Help With The Healing Process? The premise of chiropractic care is that the nervous system controls and coordinates all the processes in the body. Chiropractic adjustments remove interference in the nervous system thus maximizing the function of those processes. Let’s look at the healing process. I want to start with a story of […]

Do You Want to Be Healthy or Just Not Sick?

Let me ask you a question, would you rather be HEALTHY or just not sick? What are you focusing on when it comes to your health, getting away from something, or creating something? We know what you focus on expands. Let’s focus on the right thing. What Does It Mean- Just Not Sick? So if […]