ADD Therapy: How to Improve Symptoms Without Drugs in Colorado

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ADD Therapy How to Improve Symptoms Without Drugs in Colorado (1920 × 800 px)Many adults and kids suffer in work and school from the acute restlessness, impulsiveness, and difficulty multitasking that comes with ADD or ADHD. Neurofeedback therapy can be the answer to ADD issues, to find out more read this article.

Attention Deficit Disorder is often associated with the inability to concentrate; however, it can come with additional mental, behavioral, and physical health risks. Mentally it can appear as anxiety, depression, and rejection dysphoria. Behavior risks have been known to include eating disorders and substance abuse. And in the physical body, ADD can increase stress, cause insomnia, and significantly reduce metabolism, resulting in obesity. 

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, you’re likely looking for ways to help them manage the symptoms. Medication is the most common treatment, but not only are those pills expensive, but they also have serious side effects and can be easily abused if they get into the wrong hands. 

Luckily, there are other ADD therapies that don’t require doctor-prescribed medication. Neurofeedback therapy has been heavily researched and is one of the most successful alternatives.  

Below we’ll explain what neurofeedback is and how it can benefit you or your child. 

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive, and fun approach that can help alleviate and even eliminate the symptoms of ADHD and ADD.

You most likely know that the brain acts like a computer, creating patterns based on repetitive actions – thoughts and experiences shaping the way our minds process information. For example, when we are consistently rewarded for good behavior, our brain equates the action with the reward. 

Neurofeedback capitalizes on this idea. While medication changes brain chemistry, neurofeedback focuses on retraining the brain to utilize optimal brain pathways. 

By using a computer and software to monitor brainwave activity, the program locates the preferred neuropathway and gives a reward in the form of light or sound. The brain will begin to recognize that particular brainwave/neuropathway as beneficial, repeating the action in an attempt to get a second reward.

Over time, neurofeedback therapy can rewire the brain to behave and react like someone without ADD/ADHD. The brain learns to use the rewarding pathways instead of the ones used by the disorder.  

And these results are often permanent! 

What Does ADD Neurofeedback Therapy Look Like?

At our Littleton CO clinic, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation. During this consultation, you will talk with Dr. Dody, and he will answer all your neurofeedback questions. 

If you decide that neurofeedback therapy may work for you, then your next visit will look something like this:

First, we’ll hook you up to our computer, which measures brain waves using a full-head cap with sensors. This brain map will confirm if this training will help. 

Second, Dr. Dody will go over your brain map report and let you know the following-

  • What is going on?
  • Can neurofeedback help?
  • How many sessions will you need?
  • How much will it cost?

Treatment involves wearing headphones and looking at a screen. Movies, images, or sounds play when your brain uses the neuropathways we’re targeting. You or your child won’t have to do anything other than watch a show—painless, non-invasive, easy, and fun. 

We also offer an at-home training option which means you can do your or your child’s sessions on your schedule and not ours. When you call to schedule your consultation, let us know that you are interested in our home training equipment.

The body and mind are intricately connected; one affects the other. Consider combining your ADD therapy with our chiropractic care for added benefit and optimal health. 

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