A Guide on How to Decrease Anxiety in High Stress Times

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a guide on how to decrease anxiety in high stress times with a woman covering here face

In these abnormal times, the majority of people can’t help feeling a degree of anxiety. The conditions now require that we coop ourselves inside our homes most of the time, which takes a toll on our mental state. The future is uncertain, and folks don’t like it when they can’t clearly anticipate what’s in store for them and their family. But there are some activities and methods that you have control over, and you can immediately execute to help yourself in the middle of turbulence. Read more to find out how to decrease anxiety in high-stress times.

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We know that decreasing your anxiety especially in high-stress times is needed for your health. Set aside some “Me time” every day to transcend all the anxiety you have been feeling lately. Here are some ideas you can use today to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Box Breathing Method

Breathing is always a tried and true method, try the proven Box Breathing Method. You can do this in the comfort of your home.

  1. While closing your eyes, breathe in through your nose and, at the same time, slowly count to 4. You can feel the air entering your lungs.
  2. After counting to 4, hold your breath. Don’t clamp your nose or mouth shut. Hold your breath for 4 seconds.
  3. Then slowly exhale for 4 seconds.
  4. Again hold your breath after exhaling for 4 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 at least three times, and ideally, this breathing should be repeated for 4 minutes or until a feeling of calm envelopes you.

If you don’t have 4 minutes, even one round can help.

Media Break

You can also take a media break. It helps to reduce or even eliminate the buzz of news and social media. When you cut this type of media out of your life it helps. You will realize that they are triggers of your anxiety.

Another simple and easy way to reduce stress and anxiety is always to be hydrated. Hydration with water and no sugary drinks.  Also, eat only healthy food. It is amazing how something as simple as drinking adequate amounts of water daily can help all body functions. Add in getting sufficient sleep, and you will be surprised at how much your anxiety and stress will diminish. 

If you want to find out more about specific supplements that boost immune system function, check out this article- HOW TO KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY DURING CHALLENGING TIMES

How To Keep Yourself Healthy During Challenging Times


The DIY methods above are things you can do to decrease anxiety in high-stress times.  Please share this with your loved ones in these stressful times. But how about blending them in with proven effective scientific and medical procedures.  These procedures can apply to you through physical, electronic, and physiological means. They can get you back on track to everyday life by alleviating your anxiety with tested methods:


We are thrilled when patients happily share with us that their anxiety level has significantly decreased after adjusting their spine.  Reconnecting your nervous system helps greatly. Do you know that when your spinal column is functioning and moving at an optimal level, nerve impulses flow seamlessly and speedily through its communication paths? When your spinal vertebrae are misaligned, your spine cannot move through its full range of motion, causing overstimulation, which is when anxiety is triggered.  Research shows that chiropractic adjustments can reduce muscle activity and relax a person. How good will you feel when your nervous system is functioning optimally due to periodic chiropractic adjustments? You will find our chiropractic techniques are distinctively different, unique, and very gentle.


It is also known as EEG (electroencephalogram) biofeedback. It is an electronic therapeutic intervention that gives you immediate data from computer software that evaluates a patient’s brainwave activity. We can read problems with brainwave irregularity. They are numerous, and they include anything within the anxiety and depression spectrum, behavior disorders, sleep disorders, attention deficiency, migraines and headaches, emotional disturbance, and PMS. We then use visual or sound signals to realign or reprogram these brain signals. This method has been effective in lowering anxiety levels dramatically in a lot of patients, especially during high-stress times.


We know what you put into your body affects what happens in your body. What happens includes your mental/emotional health. Functional nutrition is our personalized method of making you reach optimal health and fitness level based on your personal and historical genetics, laboratory results, lifestyle, and many more relevant data. We provide you with customized nutritional recommendations, according to lab work. The bloodwork assesses your nutrition needs and proposes changes that you need to alter in the way you live your life. However, to work, functional nutrition requires you to be a reliable partner who follows our recommendations so that your anxiety and worries will go away.

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There are many things you can do to decrease your anxiety in high-stress times. Your anxiety is either based on reality or could a self-fulling prophecy. Either way, it disturbs your usual way of life and distracts you from proceeding day to day and being productive to your maximum potential.

We have discussed a potent blend of DIY methods that you can manage to do yourself in your home’s comfort. And the professional assistance that our chiropractic, neurofeedback, and functional nutrition services can do to alleviate and eventually eliminate your anxiety issues.

Give us a call, and we can work out a program that’s right for you. Take action. It might just be the most significant and wisest decision you have made in your life!

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