6 Ways to Help Kids Get Exercise

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6 Ways to Help Kids Get Exercise


Kids need exercise just as much as adults do. We know that kids are not getting as much activity as they used to. According to WebMD, three out of four children ages 5 to 10 get less than one hour of physical activity daily. However, it is very important for kids to get exercise! The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that children ages 6 to 17 get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity daily. Kids have lots of energy and they need outlets to release that energy.

Think about it- school aged kids typically sit in a desk at school a good portion of the day. It’s just like adults sitting at a desk at work. Yes, they get some time for recess and maybe gym class, but if you added up all the time they are sitting down and compare it to the time they get to run and play, you would find they are sitting much more than moving.

How do you get your kids to exercise or move more? Here are a few things that might appeal to kids.

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        1. Set an example. Kids model what their parents do so if you want your kids to move more, show them how you move and exercise.


      1. 2. Exercise as a family. It’s more fun- even for adults- if you have someone to exercise with! Get the whole family to go out for a walk together or do a bike ride together.


      1. 3. Have the kids play at a park or playground. Climbing on playground equipment helps kids develop different muscle groups, coordination, as well as release energy.


      1. 4.Get a ball out and play catch, kick, or pass. Get kids involved in sports and have them practice their sport at home.


      1. 5. Set up an obstacle course. You don’t need special equipment for this- use your imagination! Find something they can crawl under or on top of, jump over, swing on, run to, etc. You can do this at the playground too.


      1. 6. Get them jumping. Use a trampoline or jump rope to have them jump around.


Kids innately want to move so help them find a way that is fun for them to release some energy. This will help kids develop good exercise habits as they grow up and be healthy.

As kids are exercising and growing, it is important that they stay strong. It is also important the they keep their nervous system strong and connected. The nervous system is what coordinates and controls EVERYTHING in your body from digesting your food to moving your muscles and growing your bones. Chiropractors are specialists in the nervous system and can help make sure your kid’s nervous system, as well as yours, stays connected so the muscles and bones can develop properly. It helps with your kids coordination and balance too.

Hopefully, this helps inspire you to get moving with your kids and keep their nervous system connected!

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