3 Ways You Can Truly Benefit from Neurofeedback Therapy

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3 Ways You Can Truly Benefit from Neurofeedback TherapyAnxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental conditions plague many people in the United States. But did you know that there is another way to find relief without medication?

Neurofeedback is an effective therapy for those who struggle with these disorders. 

Keep reading to discover more about neurofeedback therapy and three incredible ways you can benefit from this alternative treatment.

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

girl getting neurofeedback trainingNeurofeedback therapy is a drug-free approach that teaches the brain to create new, healthy neural pathways. By measuring and analyzing the brainwaves across your entire brain using computer technology, the problem brainwaves causing the issue are targeted. 

Then, through operant conditioning (a learning process that strengthens the desired behavior), you can begin to control and change how the brainwaves function. There are many ways to train and influence these neural networks, including through games, music, or videos.

The goal of neurofeedback therapy is to get to the root of the issue, tackling the condition at the source instead of focusing only on the symptoms. And it can help you change your brain for the better with lasting effects.

What Are Three Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy?

There are many benefits to receiving neurofeedback training. Below you’ll discover three of those benefits.

1. Reduce Dependency on Medication

The standard of care for anxiety, ADHD, and depression is to prescribe medication to alleviate symptoms. However, neurofeedback therapy can also help reduce the symptoms by correcting any asymmetrical brain waves. Training will bring more balance to the brain and support mood regulation. Continued therapy can result in a reduced or eliminated need for medications. 

At our Littleton clinic, you can begin your journey to living a sustainable and medication-free life. We can help regulate your brain patterns and positively change your mood levels through this safe, effective therapy.

2. Experience Little to No Side Effects 

Neurofeedback is like physical exercise for the brain. It is a safe alternative to medication with minimal adverse effects. Fatigue, slight headaches, and tiredness are the most common side effects of a training session.

3. Improve Brain Function

Studies have shown that neurofeedback therapy helps improve overall brain function. The structured and repeated practices positively alter the brain networks and improve cognitive functions. 

As you continue the therapy, you will receive feedback on your brain’s activity. When changes occur in the brain, it is rewarded to reinforce healthy brain functions. Over time, your brain will automatically choose healthy neuropathways. 

Visit Dr. Dody’s Clinic to Receive Neurofeedback Therapy in Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Dody is an experienced practitioner and thrives on providing holistic care. His treatments have improved the quality of life for many people suffering from anxiety, depression, ADHD, memory loss, and autism.  

Start receiving the benefits from Neurofeedback Therapy today! To schedule an appointment, click here or contact us at (303) 794-1737.

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