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Chiropractic and Bedwetting

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Posted on 02-09-2015

Put Bedwetting to Bed

This is Dr. Michael Dody and we are here for a seminar Put Bed Wetting to Bed and I am super excited doing this seminar because one of our specialties at our office is pediatrics.  We love seeing our kiddo's nervous systems functioning at 100%.

Those of you who don’t know me, I’m a chiropractor in Littleton, Colorado and we’ve been doing a lot of educational presentations especially around pediatrics and this is a topic that if it affects you, it is definitely a serious issue and we want to make sure that you have some strategies to help yourself and help your kids deal with bedwetting.

Bedwetting can make a child feel out of control, but we are going to put the power back in their hands! You can eradicate the problem. Just keep a positive attitude, keep healthy habits, and nothing will be able to stop you from succeeding! Check out our video below with a local expert in the area of childhood development, she will talk about bedwetting and how to help stop it naturally.

I am super excited to have somebody helping us out today that we were blessed to meet through – my daughter Abigail's preschool – Patience was her teacher in preschool and my wife Heather went to one of Patience’s potty training classes. Let me tell you, I wish we would have went to it earlier, because it absolutely changed the way that we did potty training for Lucy, our youngest daughter.  When Lucy was just a little over a year old she was already potty trained.

Patience is an early childhood development specialist and she has a business called The Family Room here in Denver, Colorado and let me tell you, you are going to learn some stuff from Patience.

Check out our online seminar below-

Free Put Bedwetting to Bed Special Report-

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