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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Mary, Office Manager

I was first introduced to Chiropractic when my husband referred me to go see the Doctor of Chiropractic because he could help me with a tailbone pain I had suffered with after I had fallen on the ice about 20 years before. I thought I would have to live with that pain the rest of my life, but after 3 adjustments, I never had the pain since. I was so impressed about how I felt after the adjustments and how it not only helped with my tailbone pain, but my frequent sinus problems, energy, attitude, headaches and just wellbeing. I started working for the doctor as a front desk chiropractic assistant. I noticed people coming in were in pain and not very friendly and mostly had given up on their health. But as they continued doing the chiropractic adjustments their whole personality changed. They smiled, moved better, took less pills and had an outlook of more joy in life. Because of what I saw every day at the front desk of the clinic, I decided to learn as much as I could to find our why so many people changed after being adjusted not only getting rid of the pain they were experiencing, but changing in many areas to a better more productive and happy life. I always thought

Chiropractic was for neck and back pain. Because of my journey to find out how chiropractic adjustments work and how it releases interference that keeps the body from healing properly, I made a commitment to tell everyone about the miracle of a chiropractic adjustment to add health, harmony and balance to their life. Because of my passion, I was honored to receive Chiropractic Assistant of the Year for the State of Minnesota in 1999 by educating the masses on this life saving treatment. For over 30 years I have the privilege of being in this profession and 10 years ago I joined my son in his practice of chiropractic. I’m so grateful to be able to work with my son in a profession that can change the lives of our community one adjustment at a time. I would be honored to share my life saving knowledge with you.

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